{baby pineapple!}

30 Nov

check out this cute tiny little pineapple i dropped a whopping five bucks on! haha


i have to say, i think i’ve decided that pineapple might be my favourite fruit.


this one was so adorably cute, i just had to have it!


i obviously ate the whole thing in one sitting🙂

pineapple nutrition fun facts :

pineapples are totally loaded with vitamin c – tons of it! they are also high in manganese and fiber. furthermore, they help support a healthy digestive track. pineapples are, somewhat surprisingly, a good source of b-vitamins, as well. and don’t throw out that core! – it’s full of fiber and can be tossed into your blender to make an awesome smoothie!

{new client, miss R!}

28 Nov

i am so happy to be working behind the camera again!

i met this lovely lady just three short weeks after moving to north carolina. she reached out regarding corporate headshots, and i was honoured to play the roll of fotographer😉

i love her classic look and fiery red hair! miss R was a true pleasure to work with, and i hope to see more of her in the future!




{happy birthday to me!}

22 Nov


looking forward to a healthy year… mind, body, and spirit.

i want to take a moment to sincerely thank you all for being a part of my life. for taking the time to read what i write, for enjoying my fotos, for your emails, your comments, your jokes, and your love. i appreciate every word and interaction and cherish each one dearly. some of you have been along for the ride since the very beginning… and it just means so much to me to have you here!❤

{follow me on instagram!}

21 Nov

hey friends!

i finally signed up for instagram!  {@foodnfoto}

click here to follow me and we can share even more of the nom-ing and click-ing… and hashtag-ing.😉


{details matter}

18 Nov











images from historic yates mill park – north carolina.


{pink limes!}

15 Nov

i’m always super excited when i find a new fruit or vegetable to try. i found these pink limes at a natural food market over this past summer. so naturally, i couldn’t resist tasting and taking fotos of them!


on the outside, they are slightly different-looking than other limes…

they have some cool stripes going on a slight pink hue to them…



and on the inside… a DEFINITE pink hue!  so pretty! the flesh almost resembles a grapefruit!


of course, i added them to some sparkling water… which is so refreshing and delicious!

*nom nom, sip sip*

have you ever tried pink limes?!

food fun facts :

limes are full of vitamin c and can help support healthy cells and tissue. furthermore, these particular “pink” limes are sweeter than your average lime and look great in a spread or as a garnish… also, they would work fantastically as a zest!


{lovely lily pads}

14 Nov


i just love lily pads… something about them is so intriguing, to me!

{zen space}

7 Nov

oh, how i have missed blogging!  and i have missed interacting with my readers! i hope you all have been well and that life has been treating you with love and grace.

so much has happened this year {and last year} for me and although i would love to go into great detail about it all, after much consideration, i have decided to refrain.  i have been taking some time to journal some thoughts down and i think that will be a good way to release it all first. then, if i decide to share, i will.

it suffices to say that i have grown tremendously over the last 24 months and i sit here writing this post with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and relief! the past is in the past and i am here, now. although, the time is always now, you know?! if we are fully submersed in the moment, we are always in the now.  the past is behind us and we can’t change it and the future doesn’t even exist yet… so all we really have is now. and it is always NOW. i am {re}learning and remembering how crucial this simple truth is to keep in the forefront of our minds. it is far too easy to get caught up in other things and especially other thoughts.

and here at food and foto, we like to keep it as light-hearted as possible. or at least, as “positive” as possible. i have been thinking a lot about what we choose to focus on; what we allow our minds to be occupied with. and for me, it is extremely important to find a way to disconnect from our seemingly ceaseless thoughts… to find a zen space. and that doesn’t exactly have to be a physical place. although – it can be found in nature, in a park, in your bedroom, at a church… but basically, being “zen” is truly a state of mind. it has little to do with location.

however, it is true and i do find that some places bring me to a more “zen” feeling than others. for example, i did like living in the mountains and especially in the tiny home, as it was a life-changing experience… one that many people dream of. however, i never quite felt “zen” while i was there. at least, not like i do when i am near the ocean. i love listening to the sound of the waves as the water ebbs and flows… it reminds me to breathe in and breathe out. i love the smell of the salty air breezing through my hair… it reminds me to stay in touch with my intuition and appreciate the moment. i love sense of wonder and awe i feel for the unknown that lies beyond and beneath… it keeps me grounded and humble. truly, nothing makes me feel more zen than being near the ocean.

i am a water baby at my core and i basically believe i am {or was} a mermaid. therefore, i feel truly at home when i am near the vastness of the big blue. something about being around the water gives me a sense of peace like nothing else does. it is truly my zen space.

with all that said, i would like to share these fotos i took while visiting the atlantic ocean recently. i had a little fun playing around with some different filters. also, it’s pretty satisfying to be able to dip your toes in the warm sand in november!

beach-web-14beach-web-2beach-web-1 beach-web-3beach-web-4  beach-web-6 beach-web-8beach-web-7 beach-web-9beach-web-10 beach-web-11 beach-web-12beach-web-20beach-web-15beach-web-16 beach-web-17beach-web-18 beach-web-13

where do you find your zen space?!

{happy halloween}

31 Oct

…from callee cat 😸🙀😼🎃







{coming soon…}

9 Oct

…a long overdue update!

stay tuned. i’ve missed blogging so much. i apologize for my absence and lack of presence. there is so much to fill you in on!

i truly hope you all are enjoying the best time of year and soaking in all the yummy fall harvests, the beautiful colours of the trees,  and the warm-ish sunshine while it still lasts!




{solstice “prosperi-tea”}

22 Jun

hey gang, happy summer!

i hope you are enjoying the season, wherever you may be reading this.

here in colorado, it has been very hot… like in the high 90s and even 100 degrees! yesterday, to officially kick off summer, i walked to my local pool for a dip. it was the perfect way to welcome in the new season!

another fun thing i did to celebrate summer and the solstice, was make this beautiful solstice summer tea… or as i named it, “prosperi-tea” … cuz i’m cute and nerdy like that. plus, it sounded super magical.

the idea came from an online source that suggested putting various herbs and flowers in a pitcher and sitting it out in the sun during the day of solstice. here’s what i put in mine :

fresh lettuce leaves, pea shoots, roses, lilies, strawberries, succulent, snapdragon, various flower petals, mint, and tons of sage.



all of the ingredients came from my local community garden… the pea shoots and lettuce came from my plot!😀

here is the finished product :


someone said to me, “it looks like perfume!” which made me giggle. in a way, it IS like perfume in that it is made from beautiful summer flowers!🙂

this lovely “prosperi-tea” was so easy to make and it was delicious, too! it was light and soft and refreshing. i also love the colour it developed! i put a lot of love into this tea as well, which i believe makes a big difference!😉❤


what did you do to ring in summer?



{it’s asparagus season!}

20 Apr


{bloomin’ onion}

16 Apr

food is alive!!!


{tips for maintaining healthy practices throughout the work-day}

29 Mar

a speical thanks to the folks over at nuts.com for collaborating with me on this post!

as many of you already know, i am pretty passionate about healthy food as well as a healthy lifestyle. i do what i can to make sure i maintain practical and healthy habits that offer me balance.

that said, i have found that it can still be challenging throughout the day to actually practice such habits. when posed the question, “what are some of your favourite ‘work health hacks,'” i came up with this list :


1. Get plenty of rest(As someone who struggles with insomnia, I have learned that getting to bed at the right time and same time every night greatly affects my morning the next day. Having a routine can offer stability for our minds and our bodies.)

2. Drink half your weight in ounces of water every single day. (We all know the benefits proper hydration can provide. I live in Colorado, which has a dry climate, so ideally I should be drinking twice as much. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated can aide in a myriad of issues.)

3. Take time out to stretch. (Ergonomics are legit. I believe it is important to move around and stretch out tired muscles, especially for those of us who sit or stand for long periods of time!)

4. EAT THE RAINBOW! (As in plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables. I have lived by this motto for quite some time, and I firmly believe in the benefits. Generally speaking, more colour translates to more nutrition.)

5. Brown bag it(Pack your lunch! I know it is time consuming, but I have found that batch-cooking meals ahead of time and packing a lunch for work greatly assists in being able to resist unnecessary snacking. Plus, it’ll save time on your break!)

6. Let the sunshine in! (Take 5, get outside, and let the sun shine on your face… it just feels so good and can take you out of a funk, if need be. The sun is the source of all energy, and we need healthy doses just as much as the plants do!)

7. Breathe deep. (An entire universe of wonder is happening inside our bodies every time we take a breath. Don’t underestimate how amazing your body is! Paying attention to our breath keeps us grounded, gets us out of our own heads, and helps us to appreciate our bodies and the life we have – so, BREATHE!)


8. Live by the golden rule.(“Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.” It’s important for us to remember that we are all {unapologetically} human… and compassion, understanding, and consideration go a long way for us all!)


2Food and Foto Workplace Hacks

check out these healthy snack ideas from nuts.com to help keep you eating healthy throughout the day! they offer some amazing recipes for some really tasty-looking snacks… some of which, i can’t wait to try!…

{and share with you}😉


{wordless wednesday : life, lately}

16 Mar

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{steak fajitas}

14 Mar


just a simple little recipe to share.

i love to make dishes that can be made in one pot or skillet. dishes that are simple and require little cleanup. this dish fits the bill and is also full of colour and nutrition, which we just LOVE here at food and foto.😉


these were so easy to make, too! i thought i would share the fotos and easy recipe since i enjoyed it so much.

i simply used about 4 oz. of chopped steak, onion, garlic, mushrooms, red bell peppers, and sugar snap peas. i cooked the veggies down and then tossed in the steak at the last minute. i sprinkled in some spices like cumin, coriander, sage, parsley, and S&P. 


voila! a simple, healthy, easy dinner. or lunch. or breakfast!🙂 top with an egg or some fresh avocado…


nom nom!

{fire in the sky}

11 Mar

supercoolsunset-5 supercoolsunset-4 supercoolsunset-3 supercoolsunset-2 supercoolsunset-1

{bell pepper guts}

8 Mar


what is it about the inside of vegetables that i find so INTRIGUING?!!?😀


{another beautiful sunset}

6 Mar



{amazing sunset}

5 Mar


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