foodie – first blog ever

22 Mar



audrey michelle here – i am a photographer by trade.  furthermore…

i am a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoy sharing my passion with everyone i meet.

i am not a doctor of any kind, though i firmly feel nature holds the best cure – for everything.  “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

i am excited to introduce myself to this new blog – and so to give you an idea of just how much i really really {i mean REALLY!} love good food…i’ve created this short list :

– i want everyone to feel the best they can – and that starts with the way we eat – period.

– i appreciate the texture of a chayote squash and just how surprisingly juicy it is!

– i want to change the way we think about food and what it does for our bodies.

– i absolutely LOVE the fresh san marzano tomatoes available at whole foods market right now!

– i started an organic heirloom garden this year, and i’m eager to share my experience.

– i love meeting local farmers and salivating over their beautiful crops while the sun beats down.

– i agree with hippocrates – let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

now that you know a little about me, i hope you’ll warmly open your hearts, your bellies, and your kitchens, to a new way at looking at not only your plate – but what you put on it.

i want to change the way we look at food.  i want to take away from the idea of “diets” or “low-carb” “low-fat” “sugar-free” or even “natural” – these labels can still contain harmful or unnecessary preservatives that act as toxins to our insides.

we are incredible human machines.  the body is an absolute wonder and it has the power to heal itself and to be the most resilient tool we have.  we must maintain it.  and we have to start changing the way we think about food.

i mean let’s put it this way… would you put something like drano or bleach into your vehicle’s gas tank? go ahead and google it – it’s not going to actually destroy your car, but it will cause major damage – some more of a pain in the you-know-what than others… and some irreversible.

point is… some of the food we eat isn’t exactly “killing us” – although some random outbreaks of disease causing bacteria do arise – but it isn’t exactly making and asking us feel better – nor is most of the food we eat making us function as best we can… it’s certainly not helping us make more educated and wise decisions toward a healthier lifestyle that is better for the planet, our pockets, and our future generations… and yeah – i really want to change that!

i don’t mean to be preachy, i’m just passionate…

let me leave you with this thought, and i mean really think about it…

why do you eat?

– is it to give you energy?

– so you’ll feel full and not hungry anymore?

– are you hoping to feel satisfied?

– to help you sleep?

why do you eat?

2 Responses to “foodie – first blog ever”

  1. anthony0358 March 24, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    hmm I am going to have to think more about this
    I am bookmarking this page so that I can check it each day



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