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{vegan} meat and potatoes

30 Apr

now, it’s not what you think.  no soy products, no “fake meat” textures, no lackluster flavours.

i feed this meal to my roommate at least twice a month.  it is a standard in this home.  a healthier spin on the classic meat and potatoes dish. my roommate loves it, even requests it from time to time – a regular “meat and potatoes” kind of guy totally short of licks his plate dry, he likes this meal so much. Continue reading

soapbox diary – entry 1

29 Apr

so, i started to write this as a preface to a recipe blog, and as i started to type i couldn’t stop – so, this has now become a blog entry of its own.  nothing to do with a recipe.  no photos.  just a rant from your chef – as i stand on my soapbox, waving my spatula around and eating walnuts to help my brain – about food-related topics i get all worked up about… {i have a feeling this won’t be the last entry, either}

so, read on as you will – but you’ve been forewarned 🙂 Continue reading

product endorsement # 2 – super greens

28 Apr

organic girl super greens.

i mean, greens are good – and you know this, man.  🙂  i like these because it’s a good variety of greens {chard, arugula, and others}, it’s organic, you can eat them raw or saute them, and for $6.99 a container, you can eat a salad with every meal for a week!  think about that.   Continue reading

vegan thumbprint cookies

27 Apr

these are a favourite of mine.  so simple, so easy to make – even for someone who does NOT bake well {that would be me}…

easy ingredients and usually found around the pantry. Continue reading

fridge fritatta

26 Apr

frittatas are quickly becoming one of my favourite new ways to use up items in the fridge.  i had some bell peppers laying around from the flower power brunch i made and also some tomatillos that i needed to use so they wouldn’t spoil.  i had the onion on hand and the cheese is always around 😉 i call this a fridge frittata because really, you can just use whatever is in your fridge 😉 the key is to use flavours that won’t fight for the starring role, and keeping it simple. Continue reading

grilled tomato and cheese w/ baby leeks

25 Apr

whenever someone tells me they want to “hang out” or just be in my home in general, i always immediately start thinking about how i’m going to feed them.  i swear i was an italian mama chef in a previous life because i can’t let someone come over without giving them food. Continue reading

product endorsement #1 – sodastream

24 Apr

allow me to introduce you to the next investment you should make in your kitchen fun zone. Continue reading

fried fiddlehead ferns

22 Apr

yeah, try saying that five times fast 🙂

fiddlehead ferns

have you ever seen such a thing?!   Continue reading

spaghetti squash primavera

21 Apr

i must say, this is quickly becoming my new favourite go-to vegan dish. loaded with flavour and super light yet filling.  packed with vitamins and healthy nutrients. Continue reading

wild seasonal halibut and fresh steamed artichokes

20 Apr

preface : this is one wordy/lengthy post!!! 🙂

i really love to eat in season, as often as possible.  apparently, it is halibut season.  i will admit that i miss living on the east coast simply for the amazing seafood selection.  as someone who doesn’t eat a lot of meat, fish has always been a great source of protein for me and besides all that, i just love it – anything from the ocean, really! Continue reading


18 Apr

this is what was in my shopping basket the other day. Continue reading

veggie platter featuring tomato and mushroom quinoa

17 Apr


this entire meal is actually vegan – well, the butter is not.  🙂  but if you wanted to use this delicious stuff, it could be. Continue reading

flower power brunch with creamed asparagus toast

15 Apr

that’s one long title.

this recipe was inspired from pinterest.  i love stumbling upon fun things like this – the flower eggs, i mean.  the creamed asparagus was an original recipe i braved without having any idea how it would taste… Continue reading

forkless chicken tortilla salad

14 Apr

it was friday night and i didn’t feel like cooking much.  funny how that happens – still took a good 20 minutes to prepare this – ha! Continue reading

sweet potato falafel pitas

13 Apr

this dish was inspired because i love falafel and i didn’t want my sweet potato to go bad… nothing bothers me more than wasting food. Continue reading

malt frittata

11 Apr

the name for this dish came to me when i was trying to type out all the ingredients.

– mushroom

– asparagus

– leek

– tomato

– MALT 🙂  malt frittata – that’s what i’m calling this dish, since i created it 🙂 Continue reading

cheesy polenta black bean salad

10 Apr

sure, that’s a good title for this concoction – haha.

i wanted to use up the polenta i had in the fridge from earlier this week, so i made this dish around that.  as i mentioned before, i am all about ‘”the pile” lately – kind of like a salad – some stuff is cold, some is cooked or warm… it’s my new thing i guess.  my roommate always asks, “is this an audrey creation or did you find this recipe somewhere?”  when i said, “i just made this up.” his response was, “you’re so creative in the kitchen!”  that makes me smile! 🙂 Continue reading

another non-traditional holiday dinner

9 Apr

so, even though i don’t really celebrate holidays anymore, i still love to eat the foods associated with each holiday… or at least make up some sweet variation of my own for that particular holiday. for example, i totally made a corned beef and cabbage type meal for st. paddy’s day with shoestring potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.  and oh boy, you should’ve seen me on new years day…  i had the entire day’s meals planned from the moment we woke up.  i was determined to create good energy in this home by starting our meals off right in the new year.  so far, so good. 🙂 Continue reading


7 Apr

haha.  i’m a dork.  for two reasons, among many…

1. i thought i wouldn’t blog again this week.

2. the headline title is my play on words slash attempt to be clever and cute when i name my dishes.  i mean, i don’t want to be like, “bacon lettuce tomato”  BORING! Continue reading

cheap and effective kitchen must-haves

6 Apr



so with it being a holiday weekend and all, i’m not sure i’ll get to cooking much over the next few days but i like to have a blog 2-3 times a week, so i thought maybe i’d talk about two of my favourite kitchen cleaning items. Continue reading

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