7 Apr

haha.  i’m a dork.  for two reasons, among many…

1. i thought i wouldn’t blog again this week.

2. the headline title is my play on words slash attempt to be clever and cute when i name my dishes.  i mean, i don’t want to be like, “bacon lettuce tomato”  BORING!

so, this is a more healthy spin on a traditional favourite – BLT.  you all know the ingredients :

– bacon

– lettuce

– tomato


oh, and bread.  but you know, duh.

{also, you could totally substitute turkey bacon or even facon with this…}

so, the best thing to do – is actually bake your bacon.  hehe, that’s fun to say.  bake your bacon. this time, i used the yummy black forest bacon i had on hand. if you place it on a cooling rack within your pan, it allows the bacon to cook and crisp up consistently all the way around – the heat distributes evenly and you don’t have to flip it!  also, it’s healthier to cook it this way because a lot of the fat is collected in the pan below. keep your eye on it and cook until your desired crispiness. i baked mine for a good 30 minutes at about 400 degrees.

while your bacon is baking… chop up your tomatoes. naturally i had my san marzanos on hand. for lettuce, i used some of my bulk mixed greens that i bought for the week – economic and so many uses!  also, this adds more nutrients than traditional iceberg or romaine.  i toasted up some multigrain sandwich flats. i like them because unlike most bread, the slices are a lot thinner and therefore less filling.  of course, the multigrain is just better for you!

**side note – i love pasta but have learned that i do NOT like whole wheat or multigrain pasta.  it is for this reason that i like to bump up my whole grain intake in other places – like my breads or even my snacks, as you’ll see i added with this dish. that way, when i have regular semolina pasta, i don’t feel so bad 🙂

so once your bacon is cooked, take it out of and turn off the oven, then pile up your sandwich. mine looked something like this :

i served mine with yummy multigrain ranch-flavoured chips from late july.

oh, i did use a little vegan mayonnaise for my BhealthT… but avocado would work lovely as well.

my roommate exclaimed, “this is the best blt i’ve ever had!”   🙂 !

2 Responses to “BhealthT”

  1. anthony0358 April 7, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    oh my gosh this is my favorite blog yet
    I have to go shopping today and I am going to try to replicate this
    I know I wont do as a good as job as this but I love how you made this
    This is one of my favrorite dishes


  2. inphotomd April 7, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    As usual, you just made me VERY hungry. YUM!


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