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forbidden colours

28 Mar


i couldn’t think of a clever name for this dish, so i just made that silly title because i’m featuring forbidden rice and it’s full of colour.  so there.

i’m not sure how available forbidden rice is, but of course you can find it at whole foods market. what i love about it is the flavour.  it’s unique in that it is kind of sweet and of course i think it’s super cool that it’s purple!!  {almost black – it cooks up purple!} Continue reading

autumn lentils in spring veggies

27 Mar


spring has sprung here in colorado!  my garden is sprouting like crazy, the sun has been shining for a week straight, and i’ve seen people in flip flops already!  i love it. Continue reading

quinoa patty benedict

25 Mar

who says you can’t have a little fun with your food on the weekends?!

i’m all about rewarding yourself — or perhaps a better way of saying it is listening to your body. Continue reading

sesame portobellos topped with asparagus slaw

24 Mar

i’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately.  i am kind of pouring my heart and soul into it, really. i am so beyond passionate about good food and it’s because over the years, i’ve filled my brain with as much information as possible when it comes to the subject.  and, being around the goodness all the time helps. Continue reading

chicken enchiladas

23 Mar

you can pretty much guarantee that i am going to have the word “healthy” suggestively and invisibly placed in front of all of my recipes.  this is because everything i cook is healthy.  i am passionate about eating good food that is good for your body and tastes good, too.  SERIOUSLY! i’m all about simple dishes that take no more than 30-45 minutes to  prepare  and are packed with nutrients. i’m a bit of a food-snob, i will admit… i don’t buy processed foods and I don’t cook with heavy fats. just real, simple, delicious food. Continue reading

foodie – first blog ever

22 Mar



audrey michelle here – i am a photographer by trade.  furthermore…

i am a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoy sharing my passion with everyone i meet.

i am not a doctor of any kind, though i firmly feel nature holds the best cure – for everything.  “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

i am excited to introduce myself to this new blog – and so to give you an idea of just how much i really really {i mean REALLY!} love good food…i’ve created this short list : Continue reading

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