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cinco de mayo {13-days later}, colorado style

18 May

i made enchiladas for cinco de mayo.  i’m just now getting around to posting about it 🙂  as i’ve mentioned before {or maybe i haven’t}, i don’t really celebrate holidays anymore.  i just celebrate the food associated with the holidays 🙂  and since i am not too versed in authentic mexican cooking, i thought i’d just whip up an old favourite. Continue reading

chicken enchiladas

23 Mar

you can pretty much guarantee that i am going to have the word “healthy” suggestively and invisibly placed in front of all of my recipes.  this is because everything i cook is healthy.  i am passionate about eating good food that is good for your body and tastes good, too.  SERIOUSLY! i’m all about simple dishes that take no more than 30-45 minutes to  prepare  and are packed with nutrients. i’m a bit of a food-snob, i will admit… i don’t buy processed foods and I don’t cook with heavy fats. just real, simple, delicious food. Continue reading

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