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{bloomin’ onion}

16 Apr

food is alive!!!


{tips for maintaining healthy practices throughout the work-day}

29 Mar

a speical thanks to the folks over at nuts.com for collaborating with me on this post!

as many of you already know, i am pretty passionate about healthy food as well as a healthy lifestyle. i do what i can to make sure i maintain practical and healthy habits that offer me balance.

that said, i have found that it can still be challenging throughout the day to actually practice such habits. when posed the question, “what are some of your favourite ‘work health hacks,'” i came up with this list :


1. Get plenty of rest(As someone who struggles with insomnia, I have learned that getting to bed at the right time and same time every night greatly affects my morning the next day. Having a routine can offer stability for our minds and our bodies.)

2. Drink half your weight in ounces of water every single day. (We all know the benefits proper hydration can provide. I live in Colorado, which has a dry climate, so ideally I should be drinking twice as much. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated can aide in a myriad of issues.)

3. Take time out to stretch. (Ergonomics are legit. I believe it is important to move around and stretch out tired muscles, especially for those of us who sit or stand for long periods of time!)

4. EAT THE RAINBOW! (As in plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables. I have lived by this motto for quite some time, and I firmly believe in the benefits. Generally speaking, more colour translates to more nutrition.)

5. Brown bag it(Pack your lunch! I know it is time consuming, but I have found that batch-cooking meals ahead of time and packing a lunch for work greatly assists in being able to resist unnecessary snacking. Plus, it’ll save time on your break!)

6. Let the sunshine in! (Take 5, get outside, and let the sun shine on your face… it just feels so good and can take you out of a funk, if need be. The sun is the source of all energy, and we need healthy doses just as much as the plants do!)

7. Breathe deep. (An entire universe of wonder is happening inside our bodies every time we take a breath. Don’t underestimate how amazing your body is! Paying attention to our breath keeps us grounded, gets us out of our own heads, and helps us to appreciate our bodies and the life we have – so, BREATHE!)


8. Live by the golden rule.(“Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.” It’s important for us to remember that we are all {unapologetically} human… and compassion, understanding, and consideration go a long way for us all!)


2Food and Foto Workplace Hacks

check out these healthy snack ideas from nuts.com to help keep you eating healthy throughout the day! they offer some amazing recipes for some really tasty-looking snacks… some of which, i can’t wait to try!…

{and share with you}😉


{bell pepper guts}

8 Mar


what is it about the inside of vegetables that i find so INTRIGUING?!!?😀

{what can i say – i’m food and foto obsessed!}

2 Mar


bbq pulled pork sammy w/ mac n’ cheese & a rich brown ale… flank steak salad w/ chimichuri…


breakfast! w/ salmon, avocado, & a purple sweet potato… a variety of cheeses & caviar!…


hearty tomato soup w/chicken salad over a bed of arugula… a beautiful spread of tapas…


mixed green salad w/carrot ribbons & cilantro dressing… potato waffles w/creme fraiche & smoked salmon…


potato parmesan soup w/garlic foccacia breadbowl… pastrami sammy w/ceaser salad…


colourful roasted fingerling potatoes… israeli cous-cous w/ fresh herbs over a bed of spinach…


eggs benedict two-ways… prosciutto & manchego pop-tart w/ balsamic glaze drizzle…

{mini romanesco}

24 Feb


those of you have been following me for a while {thank you, and welcome to the newcomers!} know that i am obsessed with romanesco. and clearly, i’m also obsessed with “baby” foods… as in, super tiny versions of amazing fruits and veggies.

well, you can imagine my excitement when i saw BABY ROMANESCO at my local grocery store!!?!? i will say, it is not at all organic and it is not at all in season… however, it is still magical!!!




also, how adorable is my cute cutting board?!😀


i hope i can find a way to grow these myself some day soon… i would love to find a way to become or marry a farmer… seems like the most appropriate lifestyle for me.


{meatless monday : whole grain couscous with fresno and mini bell peppers}

8 Feb


i haven’t written a meatless monday recipe in a while. i came up with this one by accident.

i love love LOVE fresno peppers. they are so full of flavour and yet mild enough in heat to not overpower most dishes. i also love couscous; it’s simple and easy to make and reheats well, so i will often batch-cook it.

i shared this dish some with a friend this weekend over brunch and she commented on how much she liked it, so i thought i would share the recipe. as i said, i sort of came up with this on accident… but i’m glad i did, as i’ll be sure to make it again in the future!

simple ingredients :

  • 1 cup couscous, 1 cup water
  • 3 fresno peppers, chopped
  • 5-6 mini bell peppers, chopped
  • olive oil
  • S&P


this is a very easy recipe to make. simply saute peppers in olive oil until tender then pour in water. bring to a boil and add in couscous. remove from heat, cover and let sit for at least 5 minutes. fluff couscous with a fork and sprinkle in salt and pepper.


i also added in some cumin because i’ve been experimenting with spices… and i really liked it in this dish!

{the intricate, cool, and colourful cabbage}

3 Feb


i am truly fascinated by nature. nothing makes me feel more connected than LIFE itself… you know, the being alive part, not the stuff we fill our lives with. food gives me a feeling that is unlike anything else. when i chop up vegetables, i stand in awe for a minute and marvel at what is before me. i am taken aback every single time i cut a cabbage in half. it blows my mind… i always find myself thinking, “BUT WHY?! why do you grow like that?!” …not to mention that stunning colour!

it truly does amaze me that nature has such intricacies about it. romanesco is one of the biggest food wonders, in my opinion. cabbage is a close second. i am also fascinated by swiss chard. sometimes i look at food and think about how similar it is to us, to humans… so many details going on inside and out. my hope is that we can all try to be a little more like food, like nature. be more of the BEING and not just the human.

i digress. 

i hope you enjoy these fotos i took while feeling inspired by this cool, intricate cabbage.


when i flipped it upside down, i thought it kind of represented a face.😉



are you fascinated by nature?!

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