{humbling} comments from some of my clients…

“leave it to audrey, she is a master at capturing the authenticity of the moment where the human spirit is available in its entirety. this is the key to interview photography as well as to modeling and modeling photography. dimensions of innocence, sex, introspection and joy must be evoked in the experience of a single photograph. few photographers achieve this caliber of talent, and audrey is one of those few.”

David Homyk

~david homyk, singer/songwriter/model,  new york city  – www.davidhomyk.com


“audrey is passionate about discovering and revealing words that we cannot find by visually conveying that which we cannot say.  spend an afternoon with this artist, and you will find that she is as captivating as her work.”         

Brigid Taylor

~ brigid, philadelphia    


“when I first came across audrey’s website, i was already so impressed with her portfolio! after seeing the result of our photo session in new york, i became more captivated by her talent and creativity. it was such an incredible and fun experience working with audrey. i‘m GLAD i found her!  i will definitely have another photo session with her in the future!”

Cecylia and Sub

~cecylia, singapore


“i had an amazing photographic journey with audrey. she opened my eyes to the possibilities of space, light, texture, symmetry, and oddity, all of which combined to create unique and personal imagery. her love of natural light shines through in her work. i appreciated her delicate bedside manner and her sense of adventure as we wandered through the town of carbondale in search of photographic perfection. she is highly recommended.”


~ john lilley, fiction writer/blogger


“i remember telling audrey i was not photogenic and that she had her work cut out for her. the day of our shoot, audrey took all that fear away within the first 10 minutes and 10 frames. she created art, and made me look better than i could’ve imagined in the process.”   

David Farwig

~david farwig, choral singer, denver – www.davidfarwig.com


“the creative talent one finds in audrey’s art is rare.  she portrays the images she captures through her camera lense permitting others to experience the beauty that we would otherwise overlook.  outstanding talent with creative genius!”    


~david, texas


“audrey uses her photographic equipment to capture what her creative eyes see in people, nature, and animals.  her joyful personality and her attention to details help her create masterpieces for your family. audrey is truly an outstanding professional!”

Matt and Emily Wedding

~adel, texas


“it was amazing to work with audrey!  as a model, I needed to liven up, broaden and build my portfolio, and she helped achieve that by doing such a great job!  she is very professional and fun during each shoot and i love her photography!” 


~brittany nicole, model, denver 


“audrey’s portraiture exemplifies her connectedness to the moment as well as her ability to bring out each client’s character through capturing candid and honest qualities.”

~steph shaw johnson, singer/songwriter, new york city – www.stephshaw.com


“when i view audrey’s work,  i am incredibly moved by it.  i feel as though i am standing in the image itself, like i was there.  the detail in her work is simply breathtaking.”

~anthony {my biggest fan}, NYC 



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