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{fun facts about flavourful forbidden rice}

20 Jul


{colourful, too!!!}


fun facts about flavourful forbidden rice {also known as “black rice”}:

– it’s {drumroll, please}… gluten-free!!

– it’s rare {which to me, just immediately makes it cooler!}

– it is cultivated in small amounts – in its early days, was only harvested for the emperor {of china!}

– helps support a healthy heart and healthy cholesterol levels

– it’s rich in iron and offers a comprehensive range of amino acids

– it is much higher in protein and fiber than any of its cousins – brown, white, or purple

– makes a fun “risotto” or sticky pudding

is extremely fragrant and beautiful on a plate

gentler on the body, easier to digest than its cousins

– contains high levels of antioxidants {i mean, duh – look at that colour!}


you can find forbidden rice in health food stores or online. these days, you could probably even find it in your local grocery store, as i notice many of the mainstream chains are stocking more and more of this kind of thing as of late. 🙂


forbidden colours

28 Mar


i couldn’t think of a clever name for this dish, so i just made that silly title because i’m featuring forbidden rice and it’s full of colour.  so there.

i’m not sure how available forbidden rice is, but of course you can find it at whole foods market. what i love about it is the flavour.  it’s unique in that it is kind of sweet and of course i think it’s super cool that it’s purple!!  {almost black – it cooks up purple!} Continue reading

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