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mushroom mania

31 May

i love trying new things.  especially local, seasonal things.  for example – in this dish, i tried morel mushrooms for the first time — grown right here in colorado soil, not an hour up the highway.  this ensures their freshness as well as an amazing taste! Continue reading

vegan chocolate mousse

28 May

happy memorial day weekend!

what better way to celebrate than with treats?!  i’ll be cooking tonight for sure — nothing major, just some corn on the cob and maybe some mashed potatoes, watermelon, and a Qrunch burger.  not necessarily in that order. Continue reading

nominated for the Food Stories Blog Award!

23 May

Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling

how special do i feel?!

my sweet new blogger friend, becca over at becca’s kitchen nominated me for this fun award.

i love the fact that someone{s} created an award for STORYTELLING in food blogs!  so cool.  it’s right up my alley.  i tell stories and there are pictures of food. hello, is there anything better?!  well – maybe eating the food 🙂 Continue reading

Qrunch burgers featuring sauteed vidalia onions

23 May

i’m pretty sure i have mentioned Qrunch burgers before… they are ahh-mazing. a coworker introduced them to me a while back and i have been hooked ever since.  i made my quinoa patty benedict with them once, and i have also just eaten them as a side dish.  i was inspired by the seasonal vidalia onions available right now.  this is oh-so-simple, too.  i could’ve easily eaten two, as well.  🙂 Continue reading

cheeky halibut and the usual

21 May

my roommate said to me, “this is probably my favourite fish you’ve made so far…”  🙂 thanks, Brian in SEAFOOD! also, the title sounds like the name of an old jazz band…no?!

i had never heard of halibut cheeks.  but after having that amazing wild caught halibut earlier this season, i knew i had to try them.  anything fresh, wild caught, and semi-local and i’m all about it.  i do miss the east coast a lot for the seafood, i must say. Continue reading

cinco de mayo {13-days later}, colorado style

18 May

i made enchiladas for cinco de mayo.  i’m just now getting around to posting about it 🙂  as i’ve mentioned before {or maybe i haven’t}, i don’t really celebrate holidays anymore.  i just celebrate the food associated with the holidays 🙂  and since i am not too versed in authentic mexican cooking, i thought i’d just whip up an old favourite. Continue reading

classic grilled cheese and tomato soup {with a twist}

16 May

nothin’ says “comfort food” quite like grilled cheese and tomato soup!  all gooey and cheesy, spilling over the sides as you dip small bites into the bowl… nom nom. Continue reading

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