sprout sammy

10 May

i LOVE sprouts!  love them.  not all sprouts are created equal, however.  i’m not a fan of ALL sprouts, but i do love pea sprouts.  especially on my sandwiches!!!  i want to try to grow my own some day, as they do get pretty expensive and are so perishable.  but they add a ton of flavour to my favourite sammy combo – avocado and tomato.  i made a yummy sandwich for lunch the other day and i had to share the recipe.  i originally wanted to do a wrap, but forgot to pick some up, so i used my trusty sandwich flats 🙂

ingredients :

– avocado

– tomato

– pea sprouts {or sprouts of choice}

– cheese

– sandwich flats or whole wheat wrap

combine your tomato and avocado with a dash of S & P and mix together well until it’s like a spread

i recommend toasting your sandwich flats…  smear avocado mixture on both sides of your sandwich flat {or entire wrap} then top one side with cheese and the other with your sprouts.

mash it together, and serve with multigrain chips.

it gets a little messy, but you won’t even care – you’ll be licking your fingers and maybe even the plate! 🙂

One Response to “sprout sammy”

  1. anthony0358 May 10, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    this looks so yummy good
    I would totally eat this right now


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