Qrunch burgers featuring sauteed vidalia onions

23 May

i’m pretty sure i have mentioned Qrunch burgers before… they are ahh-mazing. a coworker introduced them to me a while back and i have been hooked ever since.  i made my quinoa patty benedict with them once, and i have also just eaten them as a side dish.  i was inspired by the seasonal vidalia onions available right now.  this is oh-so-simple, too.  i could’ve easily eaten two, as well.  🙂

ingredients :

– multigrain sandwich flats

– tomatoes {i used my san marzitos}

– spinach

– sweet onion

– Qrunch burger

begin by chopping your onions and sauteing them on medium heat with a little EVOO, butter, or veggie stock.

the Qrunch burgers are already cooked, you just need to heat them.  i like mine a tad toasty, so i let the outside brown ever-so slightly.  when the onions are cooked down and burgers are heated, put that yumminess on your sandwich flat {toasted, of course!} now add tomatoes, spinach, and any condiment you’d like. i had mine with mustard, but i think it’s good as is or you could just smother the heck out of it with onions – YUM!

seriously though, you might want to make a second one… and don’t even feel guilty – this is beyond packed with lean proteins, vitamins, and heart healthy nutrients 🙂


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