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{foto friday} — blog award nominations, stats galore, a thank you, and MORE SNOW!

8 Feb
x marks the spot - snow is on the way to colorado!

x marks the spot – snow is on the way to colorado!

i’m looking forward to making a snowman this weekend.

i also want to thank those of you who have nominated me for an award.  i’m not that familiar with how the award system goes here on wordpress, but i’m beyond humbled and grateful for the recognition!  unfortunately, i can’t keep up with the nominations {there’s not as many as it sounds, i just don’t have time to respond right now!} but i wanted to extend an extremely warm thank you to lesley and juliem this time for the liebster award nominations – and i want to encourage you all to keep reading! i’m so grateful to have almost 400 followers, a whopping 10,000 views, and over 200 posts in less than a year.  you all keep the fire lit under me and inspire me every day to do more and to be more.

a very sincere thank you. enjoy the weekend!

nominated for the Food Stories Blog Award!

23 May

Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling

how special do i feel?!

my sweet new blogger friend, becca over at becca’s kitchen nominated me for this fun award.

i love the fact that someone{s} created an award for STORYTELLING in food blogs!  so cool.  it’s right up my alley.  i tell stories and there are pictures of food. hello, is there anything better?!  well – maybe eating the food 🙂 Continue reading

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