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{meatless mondays – roasted spaghetti squash with fresh parmigiano reggiano}

28 Oct


it’s a meatless monday recipe!

spaghetti squash {and all squash} is totally in peak season right now… and it’s one of my absolute favs!  i typically make it just like a pasta and serve it primavera-style with a fresh red sauce… but this time, i wanted to use up my freshly-cut parmigiano reggiano… there is just nothing like it.


simple stuff :

– olive oil, grass-fed butter, lemon, parmigiano reggiano… Continue reading

{meatless monday} – another spaghetti squash meal

29 Oct

look at that colourful plate!

i heart vegetables.  i especially heart spaghetti squash, it’s seriously one of my favourites!  and it’s hard to get it all year round, but i try anyway.  right now is the best time to buy it – totally in season, and they are HUGE.  i like that there is usually a variety in size with spaghetti squash… i typically buy a smaller one just for myself and my roommate, although it is still very good as leftovers, so make extra if you want!

i also realized, when browsing through previous posts to make sure i wasn’t duplicating this one, that i eat a lot of tomatoes.  i mean, A LOT!  i cook them, which i’ve read is actually better than eating them raw because they are more bioavailable that way. in other words, your body uses the nutrients more effectively because they are cooked… i don’t fully understand it all, but this fact i found online was interesting :

Lycopene, the antioxidant found in tomatoes in large quantities, is located in cell walls. Cooking tomatoes releases lycopene to do its work. A combined analysis of 21 studies published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention showed that men who ate the highest amounts of raw tomatoes had an 11% reduction in risk for prostate cancer. Those eating the most cooked tomato products fared even better: their prostate cancer risk was reduced by 19%.

so – hooray for cooked tomatoes! Continue reading

{meatless monday} – spaghetti squash w/ spinach

13 Aug

i heart spaghetti squash.  a lot.

i love the texture, the colour, the crunch… it’s a great vegan option — in fact, why didn’t i make this on my cleanse?! i think it wasn’t available in organic at the time… anyway, here are the {uber-simple} ingredients i used :

Continue reading

spaghetti squash primavera

21 Apr

i must say, this is quickly becoming my new favourite go-to vegan dish. loaded with flavour and super light yet filling.  packed with vitamins and healthy nutrients. Continue reading

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