forkless chicken tortilla salad

14 Apr

it was friday night and i didn’t feel like cooking much.  funny how that happens – still took a good 20 minutes to prepare this – ha!

easy-peasy though.  i didn’t spend anything on this – had it all in the kitchen and wanted to use up the chicken i had.  i only eat poultry about 2-3 times a month…

ingredients :

it’s whatever, really.  i just wanted to use up the chicken in my fridge, but if you had some ground beef or tofu or leftover bacon or even just go vegan and omit the protein all together – just use beans – that would also be yummy. tomatillos, onions, and peppers usually keep for a good while, so i’ll buy them in advance and create meals with them throughout the week.  i’ll buy the avocado fresh or the cheese if need be.

– tortilla chips of choice

– can of black beans – drained

– can of olives – chopped

– 2-3 medium tomatoes – diced

– 3-4 small tomatillos – diced

– 1-2 cups shredded chicken {or beef, pork, tofu, etc…}

– red onion – diced

– 1 fresno pepper – seeds and ribs removed

– 1 jalapeno pepper – seeds and ribs removed

– shredded cheese – and any other cheese you may want

– cilantro for garnish, if you wish

preheat oven to 350.  basically i just chopped all this stuff up and made almost like a chip lasagna out of it 🙂

in a baking pan, i laid out the chips, then beans, then shredded some cheese, then added all my fixins’ randomly scattered all over.  place this all on tinfoil for super easy clean-up!

i did this twice, making two layers like so :

topping with tons of cheese {i should’ve added more, so i suggest you do that!  load up on cheese – and probably not *just* cheddar}

pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes.  you could totally add green chile sauce or something else to make it more saucy-like.  however, what i like about these is that the chips don’t get soggy – it’s pretty light and healthy and you don’t need a fork!  just spoon on some toppings if you need them.  i served mine right out of the pan, lazy style in front of the computer screen and fireplace… {it’s been in the 30’s at night here!}

my roommate and i actually at the whole thing.  we kind of munched on it all night.  it was filling but not stuffing.  as we were eating, we were talking about how these were originally supposed to be “chicken nachos”… but as we ate he was like, “as nachos go – i’d give them a 2-3 on a scale of 1 to 5.”


though i appreciated his honesty, i thought – well, i don’t want to blog a 2-3! so i was like, “well what if i told you it was a chicken tortilla salad” – and he goes, “well, then it’s like the BEST chicken tortilla salad i’ve ever had!”

funny how a name changes things. 🙂

i heart comments.

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