grilled tomato and cheese w/ baby leeks

25 Apr

whenever someone tells me they want to “hang out” or just be in my home in general, i always immediately start thinking about how i’m going to feed them.  i swear i was an italian mama chef in a previous life because i can’t let someone come over without giving them food.

when my sweet friend anna {who is also my go-to when i need a model to photograph} said she wanted to drive to denver to see me, i let out a small squeal at the idea of making grilled cheese and tomato sammiches for the two of us. then, when i remembered i had a few more of the baby leeks i’ve been raving about around, i think the reaction was a little ridiculous.  🙂  i get excited about good food.

simple ingredients, here.

– 4 slices whole wheat or whole grain bread

– 4 small tomatoes

– cheese of choice {i opted for the organic sharp cheddar i got on a one day sale for $5 last week!}

– ramps {aka baby leeks} or even regular leeks would be good.

– avocado for side {you could also put this ON the sandwich – i thought it would compete with the ramps, so i decided not to}

– butter, S & P

begin by heating up about a tablespoon of good butter in a skillet.  chop up some the bulbs of the ramps or leeks or even garlic, and toss it in.  saute lightly for a couple minutes, then lay two slices of bread in the pan.  layer 4-5 slices of cheese on top and let that cook up for a bit…

chop up some tomatoes and the leaves of the ramps…

now layer those on top of your cheese, and top with two more slices of bread.  flip that sucker over and let it sizzle till the cheese is melted and bread is slightly crisp…

i served mine with the avocado and some multigrain chips on the side.

what other words for yum can i come up with for this… seriously?!

4 Responses to “grilled tomato and cheese w/ baby leeks”

  1. Scott April 25, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    How about delicious! Or exciting treats for the taste buds!


  2. anthony0358 April 25, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    this looks delicious



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