product endorsement #1 – sodastream

24 Apr

allow me to introduce you to the next investment you should make in your kitchen fun zone.

meet SodaStream.  the seltzer water maker that will change your life.  well, it did mine – haha.  years ago, i gave up drinking soda for Lent {when i used to still celebrate holidays} and it drove me nuts not having any carbonation in my life.  so i started drinking stuff like italian sodas that had less sugar or at least only fruit sugars.  then eventually i switched to sparkling water with flavour.  then, i started to add up what i was spending on this stuff, not to mention the plastic bottle waste {even though i recycle, still a lot of plastic or glass!}

then, one glorious day when i was working and living in NYC, the housewares buyer introduced me to this great new thing.  AND, she had a coupon for $20 bucks off.  AND, i got a discount, AND, there was only 1 left at the time… perfect.

the initial investment is a little steep, i agree.  but think about it – if you are a sparkling water fan, the cheapest liter bottle you can buy is around $.79 – maybe a little less for a conventional brand.  personally, i could drink 2-3 of those a day.  even if i only had one – that’s almost $300 a year just on sparkling water!

the deal is, you pay $30 for the initial CO2 tank, then you find a place that offers swapping, and you then take it in to exchange at the rate of $15. my roommate and i tallied up how many liter bottles we got out of one tank – it’s close to 50.  this thing pays for itself in a matter of months.  and it’s completely worth it, in my opinion.  fifteen bucks for 50 liters of carbonated water?  not too shabby.

plus, it looks all cool and futuristic and your friends will totally be impressed when you make your own cocktails at home 🙂  i’m excited to try a glass of sodastream water with meyer lemon in it 🙂

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