soapbox diary – entry 1

29 Apr

so, i started to write this as a preface to a recipe blog, and as i started to type i couldn’t stop – so, this has now become a blog entry of its own.  nothing to do with a recipe.  no photos.  just a rant from your chef – as i stand on my soapbox, waving my spatula around and eating walnuts to help my brain – about food-related topics i get all worked up about… {i have a feeling this won’t be the last entry, either}

so, read on as you will – but you’ve been forewarned 🙂

as i’ve mentioned before, i try to listen to my body when it comes to food. what is it really telling me when i’m say, “craving” something.  am i really craving that food or am i just lacking protein, or maybe i need carbohydrates, or {occasionally} could i be lacking a specific nutrient like perhaps, vitamin c?

not all “cravings” are bad.  if you learn to listen to your body and pay attention to its rhythms, messages, and powerful healing tools, you can “give in” to those cravings sometimes – because you’ll know that your body is lacking something – and only certain foods will fulfill it.  i’ve cut back on my meat consumption so much over the last year that when i do “crave” a burger or something, i’ll get one (only local, grass-fed beef for me if/when i do) and you know what?  the two times i’ve listened to my body and given in to what it is i was craving… i actually felt better.

i’m not telling you to go buy a burger.  i’m not telling you not to be vegan.  i don’t want to discredit your food allergy, or your family traditions.  i’m not saying that what you’re eating is wrong.  and i’m definitely not going to tell you that my way is the only way.  but i will say – that i have not become a foodie overnight.  after working in the organic food industry for 8 years now and being exposed to so much information, i now make “choices” as to what i eat.  i don’t just “eat” because there is food available.  i read labels. i do background checks on companies i’m not familiar with. i ask my co-workers about local products, and i make it a point to shake the farmer’s hand who delivers those delicious san marzanos every day… i mean, damn – i’ve never tasted anything so incredible.  nature’s candy.

you know, truthfully – it’s all about moderation.  and being more moderate in some categories than others. it is my goal to change how we think about food.  not just the fact that we need to eat to live. but really having a relationship with food. it’s not about “dieting” or “giving something up” – that’s the quickest way to tell your brain and body to panic. and besides, DIETS DON’T WORK!!!!  eating isn’t just physical, it’s emotional – and i venture to say it’s mental.  if we change how we look at food, what we even think food actually is, and how we buy it, prepare it, and consume it – i dare to say we will change ourselves, and in turn, the world?!  i’m a crazy passionate optimist at times – who says it can’t happen?!? 🙂

i like to call this little practice of listening to your body… “intuitive eating”  🙂

try it sometime…

i heart comments.

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