product endorsement # 2 – super greens

28 Apr

organic girl super greens.

i mean, greens are good – and you know this, man.  🙂  i like these because it’s a good variety of greens {chard, arugula, and others}, it’s organic, you can eat them raw or saute them, and for $6.99 a container, you can eat a salad with every meal for a week!  think about that.  what’s the cheapest salad you can buy?!  a dollar? i can almost guarantee it’s not any kind of salad greens that are nutritionally beneficial to you. maybe you could buy a dollar salad at mcdonalds, but it’s probably iceberg lettuce that’s been cut weeks ago and most likely shipped from overseas.

organic girl is one of the leaders in packaged greens.  they are grown in the United States and can be found at whole foods market and other natural grocers.  buy one for the week and watch what you can do!

2 Responses to “product endorsement # 2 – super greens”

  1. anthony0358 April 28, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    its important where we purchase our greens



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    […] steamed up some supergreens for a side, as well as some corn on the […]


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