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another non-traditional holiday dinner

9 Apr

so, even though i don’t really celebrate holidays anymore, i still love to eat the foods associated with each holiday… or at least make up some sweet variation of my own for that particular holiday. for example, i totally made a corned beef and cabbage type meal for st. paddy’s day with shoestring potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.  and oh boy, you should’ve seen me on new years day…  i had the entire day’s meals planned from the moment we woke up.  i was determined to create good energy in this home by starting our meals off right in the new year.  so far, so good. 🙂 Continue reading

seafood sunday

1 Apr


as i’ve mentioned, i’m not on any kind of diet nor do i often say, “i don’t eat that” {unless it’s overly-processed ickiness} — i try to live by the general rule of “everything in moderation.”  i’m what i like to call an “intuitive eater”… more on that in the future… Continue reading

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