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{i think i heard a turkey sammy calling…}

29 Jun


with havarti cheese, fresh tomato slices, romaine lettuce leaves, crunchy pea sprouts, and deli mustard…     neatly wedged between two artisan whole wheat slices…

ring ring…

nom nom…


{i heart the vitamix!}

25 Apr

this post is probably going to sound like a sales pitch or something – whatever!  i love love love my vitamix!


a hefty pricetag, i agree – but oh oh OH so worth it!!


i use mine every day, and i find new ways to use it and it never gets old… Continue reading

cheap and effective kitchen must-haves

6 Apr



so with it being a holiday weekend and all, i’m not sure i’ll get to cooking much over the next few days but i like to have a blog 2-3 times a week, so i thought maybe i’d talk about two of my favourite kitchen cleaning items. Continue reading

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