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{foto friday – this is 34.}

22 Nov

had a little birthday fun with iphoto…


“pop art”


“coloured pencil” Continue reading

{thirsty thursday} — happy thanksbirthday, to me!

22 Nov

it’s thanksgiving.  but more importantly, it’s on my birthday this year.

i have so much to be thankful for.  this has been an unbelievably transforming year for me, and i have much to reflect on and celebrate! i plan to take it easy and do whatever i want… and you can guarantee i’ll be EATING today!

here’s the menu : Continue reading

{whatever wednesday} — too soon?!

21 Nov

i put up a tree this year… my roommate and i decided to.

listen, i only have it up until like, january 2nd.  so i figure a good month or so is reasonable for an 11-year old faux fir to stand adorned in bulbs and glowing objects in honor of an outdated and consumer-driven holiday…

now if only the weather would mirror the season around here – it’s almost 70 degrees today!

oh, and today is my last day as a 32-year old.  33 is going to kick so much ass, and so is all the food i plan on thankfully consuming tomorrow 🙂

happy holidays, ya’ll!

roomie’s salmon birthday dinner

10 Jul

my roommate celebrated a birthday last month, and i’m just getting around to blogging about the meal – d’oh!

naturally the best gift i can give anyone is food – so i cooked for him. 🙂

nothing says “summer” like corn on the cob, eh?!  ANNNNDD, it’s salmon season.  the first runs started coming in early june.  whenever i think of making a special meal, i always think of salmon.  i can’t cook a steak to save my life, and i’m a snob when it comes to eating out.  so, i splurged on the $24.99/lb. salmon and conserved with the sides 😉 {these two filets ran me about $17 — but in new york, i probably would’ve paid only about $11, boy do i miss living by the ocean!} Continue reading

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