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{words to live by}

27 Nov








today, and every day…

{whatever wednesday – happy thanksgiving and a shout out!}

27 Nov


to YOU!

that’s right, you.  the reader reading this blogpost right now.

the lady with the latte in one hand while her nails dry…

the guy with the messy hair who just woke up and has his dog nipping at his leg, begging to be taken outside…

the teenager who thinks i’m cool because i keep it real…

the mom who wandered over to my blog and was inspired to create something different for dinner…

the girl who’s my age and who takes comfort knowing she’s not the only 30-something without a husband or kids…

the athlete who loves my smoothie recipes…

the family who wants to hire me to take their portrait. {just email me! :)}

the fellow blogger who appreciates artistry…


all of you.

i wanted to shout out to all of my 700-plus readers who take time to stop in and give validation to the things i say and the things i share.  as an introverted artist, it takes a lot for me to “put myself out there” {ugh, i even don’t like the term} however, it gives my heart so much comfort and joy every time someone clicks that “follow” button.  i appreciate you all following my blog, taking time to read the wacky things i say, and taking time to comment and share.  this wordpress blog forum has really been an amazing outlet for me and i feel such a strong sense of community among bloggers i’ve met.

i am just so grateful to each of you – words won’t really be able to express {remember my natal mercury retrograde?! ;)} but i had to do something to show my appreciation.

this thanksgiving, i’m thankful for so much, as usual… but today i want to focus on being thankful for support.  THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!  you inspire and encourage me, just by reading and engaging.


{foto friday} — a single gal’s thanksgiving dinner

23 Nov

as i mentioned yesterday, it was my birthday.  which means today i am officially 33 years old.


i was a slug all day, it was beautiful.  i did all the things on my list and even got to take a soothing hot bath last night.  i swear – some epsom salts and running hot water will cure what ails ya!  not that i was ailed, but i did work 7 days straight and sometimes it just feels amazing to soak your muscles and warm your bones… you know?!

anyway, my brother came over for dinner and all i did was heat it up – thanks to whole foods market and their pre-made thanksgiving platter for one. i grabbed two of them and put it all in a baking dish :

all the fixins’ were there.  i made the yam myself, i have to have them included in my spread.

WFM also provided the delicious pumpkin pie, but i was too dazed at that point to mess with any foto equipment.  just know that every morsel was scrumptious!  every bite was divine. and since neither of us finished our plates, i have unexpected leftovers!

i’m so thankful for all the delicious food i get to experience every day.  i’m beyond thankful for that, actually.  i feel so connected to the food i eat, i just feel so blessed to have access to it.  i’m thankful for a kind heart, a sound mind, good judgement, a healthy body, a handful of loving friends and family, sweet cats, a caring roommate, and “enough” to get by…

and last night, for my first order of 33-year old business, i meditated under the stars and sent some more healing love to the planet… ’cause we need it!

let the holidays officially begin!

{thirsty thursday} — happy thanksbirthday, to me!

22 Nov

it’s thanksgiving.  but more importantly, it’s on my birthday this year.

i have so much to be thankful for.  this has been an unbelievably transforming year for me, and i have much to reflect on and celebrate! i plan to take it easy and do whatever i want… and you can guarantee i’ll be EATING today!

here’s the menu : Continue reading

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