{mercury monday – we go retrograde today!}

21 Oct

hey gang.

i decided to write a little today. it’s been a long time since i’ve written down my thoughts and it is such a good outlet for me… i always say i’m “better in print than in person” and that is very true.  i find i am much better at expressing myself when i write.  i often get “tongue-tied” or have major trouble articulating what it is i need to say.

this truth does bend occasionally… about 4 times out of the year… for about 3 weeks at a time.

why this change?!

the planet mercury, that’s why.


{foto courtesy wikipedia}

without going back into greek mythology too much, mercury was the messenger god – he represents our dual nature, being equal parts of soul and matter. mercury ‘s astrological symbol actually depicts this, bringing “heaven and earth” together.  he was responsible for carrying messages from the “gods” to the people, thus the winged feet.


now – mercury is a very tricky planet.  he is completely neutral in nature, being from “both worlds” if you will… typically mercury controls our thought processes.  mercury longs to connect.  it controls all facets in our life regarding communication, writing, thoughts, electronics, travel, and how we relate.  wherever mercury sits in your chart offers insight into the way we think and communicate with others.

SO – for about 80% of the year, mercury just moves right along his orbital path and interacts with various signs, causing our thoughts to shift.  however, every 3-4 months, that little trickster mercury will “slow down” and actually appear from our perspective to be traveling backwards… this is not the case, but the way the planet behaves does change – and therefore, so do our thought processes.

we call this period “mercury retrograde” and it has officially begun its 3-week journey today.

what does it all mean?!

well, for one – my reason for writing today was mostly to share this information because to be honest, there really ins’t too much out there online about it.  and i feel MR periods are extremely relevant and important. furthermore, i was born during mercury retrograde, and only about 18-20% of us are.

so basically i was born when the planet of communication and thought was going backwards, and behaving from a much more introverted and introspective space.  this means that on an average day, i’m thinking about everything from an introspective angle.  this means i don’t think like most people think.  i have a very active and insanely creative mind because of this.

Michael Jackson and Tim Burton are both natal MR, as well.  think of the amazing creativity these two display.  and yet they both kind of seem to be more introverted in their expression – spending lots of time alone to “create.” this is what a natal MR person needs – TONS of time alone to process all of the information they pick up on.

i feel “normal” for 3 weeks at a time… every 3-4 months.  the remainder of my life, i am trying so desperately to find a way to articulate my thoughts and feelings.  for most of my adult life i have really struggled with this.  the more i’ve researched mercury retrograde, the more i realized that i am the way i am because i am heavily ruled by this mysterious planet.  i know a lot about natal astrology, and i have about 5 planets ruled by mercury’s ruler, virgo. i am actually even considering getting my first tattoo – of the astrological symbol for mercury… it just has that much influence in my life.


so, what does this mean for the majority of the population?  it means a chance to slow down, to revisit… a do-over, often times.  mercury retrograde periods offer  a way to look at things from a different perspective.

it also comes with some stigmas – like arguments, accidents, or travel delays. while mercury retrograde does tend to effect these things, it also forces us to take extra time to slow down, cross all our Ts and dot all our Is… it’s an opportunity to take deeper breaths and to possibly even revisit something from the past.  my advice is always to pay attention to the details, to double check and triple check your paperwork… don’t make any major purchases or decisions during this time… if you’re going to travel, allow for extra time… don’t sign any contracts or if you must, have someone go over the fine print with you… avoid arguments by processing information before you react… and for goodness sake, back up your important files!!

i feel blessed when MR comes around because it is an open window for me to begin creative endeavors.  this is one of those things for me.  i will post updates for the next two mondays about mercury retrograde.  i hope to shed some light on this subject, and to help others understand me more. the most often question a natal mercury retrograde person yells to the universe is “why doesn’t anyone understand me?!”  — but for the next 3 weeks, i believe i’ll have an opportunity to be better understood.

pay attention to your thoughts over the next few weeks.  maybe keep a journal?  mercury is retrograding in the sign of scorpio. when mercury is in water signs, our thoughts tend to lean more on the emotional side, and scorpio is one deeeeeeeeply emotional sign – so go easy on yourself 😉 – and if a person or opportunity from the past revisits, make note and pay attention… but be slow to make a move.

and please comment if you are MR yourself, or if you have any thoughts or insight into this important quarterly event.  or just comment cuz you wanna comment – mercury retrograde people LOVE to connect, aye – we NEED IT!


thanks so much for reading… it means the world to me!

9 Responses to “{mercury monday – we go retrograde today!}”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals October 21, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

    You’re photos are great, but you’re thoughts are pretty great too 🙂


  2. anthony0358 October 22, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    I love reading this Audrey, maybe it explains stuff that I go through sometimes. We all need more love


    • cooking with audrey October 22, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

      the planets explain everything 😉 as above, so below. miss and love you anthony!



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