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24 Dec

happy holidays from me to you! ❤

{happy new year!}

3 Jan


i hope you all rang in 2017 with peace and love.

i think it’s pretty cool that the new year fell in line with a new moon… great time for reflecting, releasing, and  focusing on things we want to let go of, as well as things we want to invite in.

sending all the best to you and yours as we march boldly into a new year full of new possibilities. to celebrate, i made a vision board, which is kind of a tradition of mine. i don’t like to get too crazy with resolutions, but a few of my “goals” this year include learning to sew, practicing my piano every day, buying a new camera, and keeping a daily journal.

what were some of your resolutions?


{happy holidays from food & foto}

24 Dec


wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

{a holiday haiku}

24 Dec


sometimes the best gift

can’t be put into a box…

unwrap love all year.

{travel tuesday : manhattan bokeh}

8 Apr

New York City

will i alway miss new york this much?!?!


{whatever wednesday} — too soon?!

21 Nov

i put up a tree this year… my roommate and i decided to.

listen, i only have it up until like, january 2nd.  so i figure a good month or so is reasonable for an 11-year old faux fir to stand adorned in bulbs and glowing objects in honor of an outdated and consumer-driven holiday…

now if only the weather would mirror the season around here – it’s almost 70 degrees today!

oh, and today is my last day as a 32-year old.  33 is going to kick so much ass, and so is all the food i plan on thankfully consuming tomorrow 🙂

happy holidays, ya’ll!

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