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{moab in fotos : day one}

24 Sep

i had the privilege of taking a little vacation to moab last week. i was desperate for a getaway. when i found out moab was only 3 hours from where i lived, i was super excited to visit.  of course, after my accident in december last year, i haven’t been able to do much traveling or road-tripping like i like to do.  thankfully, i met someone recently who has a similar love for the great outdoors and for adventures on wheels, and we were able to take enjoy a little getaway together…

the first stop was actually near the colorado/utah border, but i’m saving those pics for another time.  i just wanna get right to sharing the images from moab.


drive-by {foto} shooting 😉


i so wish i would’ve had a sticker to slap on there…



“castle valley”


the landscape in moab looks so awesome in black and white… but the colours are also so bright and vivid. we arrived to our first camp-spot just before sunset.  the light from the evening sun casts the most glorious glow all over the rocks.  we had a mix of clouds during the time the sun was going down, but i can only imagine how that place lights up with full sun…

i can’t decide if i prefer the B&W images or the colour.  what do you think? 



moab-41 moab-42

moab-43 moab-44

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{travel tuesday : manhattan bokeh}

8 Apr

New York City

will i alway miss new york this much?!?!


{missing new york}

14 Jan
view from the top of a sky-rise near 57th and 10th

view from the top of a sky-rise near 57th and 10th

a random  retail window in the lower east side

a random boutique-store window in the lower east side

a snowy doorway

a snowy doorway




{travel tuesday – “gotham city”}

12 Nov

i miss new york.

and according to wikipedia – this is the approximate location of batman’s hideout… give or take a few blocks… we were practically next door neighbours!  {as all of us superheros are ;)}

New York City

{travel tuesday} — train rides

26 Feb

i miss train rides…


the sound of the tracks…


the views from the window…


the sway of the cars…

{travel tuesday} — enchanting rooftop at dusk

15 Jan

well, you may have guessed this would be another blog about new york city…  i can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since i moved… i miss it lots in some ways, but i also know it was the right thing to do to move when i did.  i love to reminisce about my days in the big apple because sometimes i take for granted just how incredible that experience was. i feel i don’t always appreciate myself or the experience enough… not to mention, all the awesome images i captured while there!

this collection is a special one.  when i look through it, i can very easily be whisked away to this very enchanting night.  the ambiance, the dinner that was prepared for me, the dessert, too!, the sky, the brisk air, the moonrise, the way i felt… so vividly i remember it. the very last foto in this blog encompasses the whole evening.  but please be patient and scroll through all of them first 😉

thanks for sharing this with me…

New York City

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{travel tuesday} – letchworth state park, new york

11 Dec

a dear friend of mine took me to this marvelous place a few years back and i fell in love.  of course – autumn in new york is always amazing, even when it’s late autumn.  the leaves had mostly fallen off at this point, but it created a blanket that covered the forest floor and there were traces of colour left on some of the trees.  very enchanting, this place.  i wasn’t sure if the blair witch was going to pop out and scare me or if fairies were going to come in and sweep me away to narnia…

the crispness in the air was memorable and the overcast lighting created a moody effect, so i snapped some artsy fotos with my iphone :

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{travel tuesday} — “the old mill” : autumn in north carolina

27 Nov

a few years ago i visited my uncle in north carolina.  i am itching to go back. i hadn’t really been to that part of the country in a long time!  see, i was born in south carolina, if you can believe it.  didn’t stay there very long, but i still claim to be somewhat a southern belle 😉 at least – my manners and kind heart are still very southern.  but don’t be fooled, i’ll still get down and sassy with ya, i won’t deep fry butter, and you’ll never catch me in a pair of heels!

anyway, i’m sad to say i can’t remember exactly where this is located – i googled it, but can’t find it.  there are apparently lots of “old mills” in north carolina -hA! my aunt was super excited to show me this place – and with just cause!  it’s gorgeous!  i doubt the leaves are still this vivid in colour, but you never know; those east coast autumns can linger!

here are some of my favourite shots from “the old mill” {which is still operating!  – so cool!} :

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{travel tuesday} — woodstock, new york

20 Nov

i’m talking about THE woodstock… former-music festival host and so much more.  and yes, the town is exactly how you picture it… and i have some fotos to prove it.


i’m *pretty sure* this is the lawn where the famous woodstock music festival was held…

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{travel tuesday} — my most recent visit to new york

13 Nov

i visited new york last month for the first time since i moved…

it was surreal… that’s one word for it.  i didn’t really bust out the camera too much… just really “took fotos with my  mind” as i like to say… captured memories by breathing it all in.  sometimes a picture doesn’t really do it… that’s coming from a photographer!!  haha.

new york is a million and a half wonderful things.  but i realized this time that it has now become a place for me to visit.  there will always be a piece of my soul in new york city, but i can confidently close the chapter now and no longer wonder if i made the right decision to leave.  i loved every second of my experience living in manhattan, but i left when it was the right time and everything is as it should be {like always, right?!}.  i have to say, it’s a good feeling to know that in my heart, now.

so, here are a few shots i managed to grab while out wandering the city… i only took about 50 pictures all weekend!  so weird, so not normal.

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{travel tuesday} — i recall… central park and fall…

30 Oct

it’s really hard to imagine new york city under water right now.  the subway is shutdown, 1.5 million people without power – my former roommate included. I WAS JUST IN NEW YORK LAST WEEKEND!!!  i’m so glad i dodged the bullet that is frankenstorm.  my heart goes out to all of those who are struggling from the effects of this monstrous event.  of course, i’ll always think of new york when i think of the east coast.

last night, i was watching the david letterman show and as he was listing the “top ten rejected frankenstorm names” i began to wonder why no one was laughing… “too soon?!”, i thought… but then i realized that no one was in the audience, and he was recording anyway. jimmy fallon did the same thing.

here is a little article about it – classic.

so here’s what central park would probably look like in the next couple weeks, if the rain hasn’t totally bogged it down…

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{travel tuesday} — ttfn, NYC

23 Oct

see you later, new york… you sexy little crazy wild and hardcore vixen, you.

until next time… xxoo


{travel tuesday} — colourful new york in autumn

16 Oct

i’m visiting NYC in three days… and i actually kind of got a little nervous.  for real legitimately nervous… what?!  i lived in manhattan for 3 glorious years, and i ran the LES.  why am i nervous?!  it’s like i’m going to rekindle a former relationship or something.  haha

i’m definitely bringing my camera with me, and although i won’t get up to bear mountain park {where these images were taken}, i do hope to catch a glimse of a few of these colours throughout central park or the like.

for now, i’ll share these with you… oh how i love the autumn!

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{travel tuesday} – the new york comic con

9 Oct

i have a very dedicated follower of the blog and of my work – i am proud to call him a friend.  anthony is a native new yorker and when i lived in the city, he’d always show me the best and most authentic hidden parts of that huge playground.  anthony always knew {and knows} about the coolest things to do in the city – it seems he always has tickets to the best stuff, too!

a couple years ago, anthony had an extra ticket to the new york comic con… and he was generous to share it with me.  i had never heard of it, but once i found out what the event was all about, my camera and i got super excited. the javits center was no stranger to me… i had been there a few times for photo events…once for the PDN expo in 2008.  the building alone is cool to visit – when they have events inside, as they typically do, it’s even cooler 🙂

i had a friend at the time that was/is an outstanding illustrator.  you can see his work here.  i plan to hire him if/when i do a childrens book… he is so incredibly talented.  he was an artist at comic con that year… i’m so glad i got to go!  it was really fun.

this year, the NYC comic con is this weekend – October 11-14. so in honor of that, here are some fotos i took when i attended this famous event.

this one’s for you, anthony 🙂 Continue reading

{travel tuesday} — a trip up first avenue and down memory lane…

2 Oct

i moved to New York exactly 4 years ago almost to date.  i pulled up to the corner of 20th and 1st on a sunny and brisk October 1st afternoon.

in honor of those first memories – which i will never forget – i decided to share these first ever fotos i took in new york.


i’m pretty sure this was literally the first foto i took when i moved into my new apartment… i was so excited to see flowers and a guy with a dog!  it was as if i had some idea that my apartment would be in a weird part of town or something… and it was quite the contrary. see, i actually never saw my apartment until i moved there.  a friend visited it for me and sent fotos, but that was it.  i was so grateful to have lived in stuyvesant town when i lived in new york.  BLESSED, really… xxoo Continue reading

{travel tuesday} — a little garden in the big apple

25 Sep

what i loved about living in the lower east side of manhattan was that all i had to do to “get out” and feel like i left the city was take a short walk. within a few blocks i would stumble onto things like this – little treasures.  a cute little park in a big apple city like new york.  a place of serenity in the concrete jungle.  i just love it.

this little park was somewhere along 17th street, most likely in alphabet city, where i found a lot of little hidden parks…

this was hanging along the fence…

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{travel tuesday} — selective colour in a black and white world

18 Sep

that’s me.  and last night, i dreamt about that hat… hA – i’m not even kidding. I MISS THAT HAT!  seriously, strangers would stop me on the street and compliment me on that hat!


new york city is known for being photographed in black and white. and with just cause.  black and white images say “classic” to me – timeless, ageless. and new york is all of those things.  and i found myself shooting in black and white a lot when i first moved there… i’d say for my first year or so i would find myself editing my images and i’d end up converting most of them into black and white, simply because colour seemed to distracting — there is SO MUCH TO LOOK AT! Continue reading

{travel tuesday} – it’s 9/11, again : my heart is in NYC today…

11 Sep

i’m just going to keep this simple.

we all know what day it is.  and although i don’t want it to be a somber kind of day, there is always a little bit of that in the air when we reminisce about this day.  and since i have lived here, and walked these streets, a piece of my heart will always be in new york city – on this day and every day.


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{travel tuesday} — a walk across the williamsburg bridge

4 Sep

about 2 weeks before i left new york city, a friend suggested we take a walk across the williamsburg bridge.  “how often will you get to walk across bridges once you leave?!” she said, convincing me to go. i didn’t need a whole ton of convincing; though at the time i remember feeling really ready to leave new york, and it was hard to drag me out of the house at times… funny how that works, because now i miss the heck out of it! good thing i’m going back for a visit…

there are many messages throughout new york city – stickers, graffiti, signs, posters, strangers yelling things at you, etc.

the williamsburg bridge is no exception.  in fact, i dare to say it boasts the most messages of any place i’ve visited in the big apple.  i mean, the entire bridge is like a graffiti art gallery.  every inch of it is covered with something to see or read.  my camera got quite the workout… Continue reading

{travel tuesday} — new york, new york

28 Aug

the people have spoken.  and they’ve used the “like” button as their language. for 3-4 weeks i was posting images in “travel tuesday” that were from when i lived in new york.  LOTS of you liked the posts – almost 20 on each one! some were followers, some just newbies to the blog that probably saw “new york” in the tags, and clicked on it.  either way, the message was clear :


however, wanting/needing/appreciating diversity, i thought i’d try to post a different travel tuesday. variety is the spice of life, i thought… and i’ve been LOTS of other places… and last week i thought, maybe i should post about some OTHER place to travel to… a DIFFERENT place i’ve been or lived…

nope.  no one cares.  i had like, 4 “likes” last week…

so, i listened.  THE PEOPLE WANT NEW YORK!  and i can’t say i blame them…

🙂 Continue reading

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