{travel tuesday} – the new york comic con

9 Oct

i have a very dedicated follower of the blog and of my work – i am proud to call him a friend.  anthony is a native new yorker and when i lived in the city, he’d always show me the best and most authentic hidden parts of that huge playground.  anthony always knew {and knows} about the coolest things to do in the city – it seems he always has tickets to the best stuff, too!

a couple years ago, anthony had an extra ticket to the new york comic con… and he was generous to share it with me.  i had never heard of it, but once i found out what the event was all about, my camera and i got super excited. the javits center was no stranger to me… i had been there a few times for photo events…once for the PDN expo in 2008.  the building alone is cool to visit – when they have events inside, as they typically do, it’s even cooler 🙂

i had a friend at the time that was/is an outstanding illustrator.  you can see his work here.  i plan to hire him if/when i do a childrens book… he is so incredibly talented.  he was an artist at comic con that year… i’m so glad i got to go!  it was really fun.

this year, the NYC comic con is this weekend – October 11-14. so in honor of that, here are some fotos i took when i attended this famous event.

this one’s for you, anthony 🙂

“renegade accordion” player outside, greeting me…

this is extra eerie, now…

and the crowd!…

characters galore…

talent galore…


more legos…

seriously… the most legos i’ve ever seen under one roof…

this was my favourite…

i just love the moment here…

serious guitar hero players in action… it was WILD to watch these cats play – crazy fast, crazy good.

captain america!

more characters… everyone was very friendly and not at all camera shy!

i swear this guy is looking at me…

oh, hi.

this group randomly busted out in song and dance… it wasn’t the time warp, though…


i stumbled upon a superhero fashion shoot…

i LOVE this shot!!!

🙂 thanks for reading…

2 Responses to “{travel tuesday} – the new york comic con”

  1. nursefrugal October 9, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Those Legos are awesome!!!! Looks like an eclectic event 😉


    • cooking with audrey October 9, 2012 at 11:23 am #

      good word for it!! 🙂 thanks for reading!


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