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{foto friday} — stillness and reflection

30 Nov

i was trying to quickly figure out what to blog about this morning.  i have a fun day lined up but i also don’t have a ton of creative time left this morning. so – as i was scrolling through images, i found this one.  it totally describes how i feel lately, so i found it perfect for today’s post.  i have found myself being a little extra nit-picky lately.  kind of pointing out things i don’t like about certain other people and kind of complaining a lot lately.  no good. when i saw this image it was like a reminder :


i need to be still like the water and reflect – because whatever i DON’T LIKE in that person, is something i don’t like within myself.  it is a reflection, we ALL represent that mirror for each other, and when i noticed my repetitive thoughts about this situation or person i didn’t like, it was a HUGE red flag for me to slow down and reflect… and meditate and let go 😉

have a great weekend, everyone!  share a little love

{thirsty thursday} — “vitamix breakfast cookies” and another vitamix smoothie

29 Nov

these are always always always a hit.  i’m not much of a baker, but when i find something that is easy to make and that people like, i try to create it into my own.  i have yet to quite create the perfect consistency for these {i’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to anything i make or do}, but i do think i found the right name for them.  the ingredients are so simple and healthy that you could literally eat them for breakfast – and not feel at all guilty about it!! they are also great for holiday parties or after school snacks. a good source of dietary fiber and protein as well as healthy fats. Continue reading

{whatever wednesday} — singer/songwriter/producer and actor/model/gentleman, david homyk

28 Nov

when i first moved to new york, i took whatever kind of work i could find. i freelanced for the first 6 months, it was kind of scary.  most of it didn’t pay that well, but it allowed me to get out and meet the coolest people and i got to fotograph some gorgeous ones!  david homyk was no exception.

i had found an online magazine that needed editorial shots of this up-and-coming songwriter and producer.  the moment i contacted david, i knew there was something special about him.  a true gentleman with a sparkle in his eyes that would swoon anything with a pulse.  his music is catchy and fun and he writes all of his own songs! we met up in the meat packing district of manhattan’s lower west corner just before sunset and enjoyed an image-packed 3-hour romp with about 6 outfit changes.  i’m usually nervous when i shoot strangers {that’s always fun to say}, but david put me at ease immediately.  he’s a natural in front of the camera, as he’s modeled numerous times, and he even helped me with some ideas for “looks” he wanted and he thought the magazine could use.

this shoot was one of my most memorable and favourites to date.  david has since gone on to do amazing things with his career :  he’s been featured on the hit daytime show all my children, he continues to write and produce his own music, and i’ve caught him a couple times on the tyra banks show.  he’s done quite well for himself and i’m honored to have this wonderful collection of fotographs of him!

so i’m going to share them. try not to drool 😉 Continue reading

{travel tuesday} — “the old mill” : autumn in north carolina

27 Nov

a few years ago i visited my uncle in north carolina.  i am itching to go back. i hadn’t really been to that part of the country in a long time!  see, i was born in south carolina, if you can believe it.  didn’t stay there very long, but i still claim to be somewhat a southern belle 😉 at least – my manners and kind heart are still very southern.  but don’t be fooled, i’ll still get down and sassy with ya, i won’t deep fry butter, and you’ll never catch me in a pair of heels!

anyway, i’m sad to say i can’t remember exactly where this is located – i googled it, but can’t find it.  there are apparently lots of “old mills” in north carolina -hA! my aunt was super excited to show me this place – and with just cause!  it’s gorgeous!  i doubt the leaves are still this vivid in colour, but you never know; those east coast autumns can linger!

here are some of my favourite shots from “the old mill” {which is still operating!  – so cool!} :

Continue reading

{meatless monday} — meet the latest in supergrains : kaniwa

26 Nov

i discovered this grain in the bulk section.  i’m always looking for new grains to try… i’m not much on rice, i’m kind of burnt out on cous cous, and quinoa can be expensive and a pain to have to rinse every time.  kaniwa is fairly new to the united states, and therefore not a lot of nutritional information is yet available on it.  however, according to this site, it is high in protein much like its quinoa cousin.  kaniwa does not contain saponins like quinoa does, and therefore it does not have to be soaked or rinsed prior to cooking.

kaniwa is so itsy bitsy – a tiny little grain with a big earthy taste.  according to what i’ve read, kaniwa is best served as a porridge, with butter and maple syrup.  so that’s exactly how i prepared it. Continue reading

{foto friday} — a single gal’s thanksgiving dinner

23 Nov

as i mentioned yesterday, it was my birthday.  which means today i am officially 33 years old.


i was a slug all day, it was beautiful.  i did all the things on my list and even got to take a soothing hot bath last night.  i swear – some epsom salts and running hot water will cure what ails ya!  not that i was ailed, but i did work 7 days straight and sometimes it just feels amazing to soak your muscles and warm your bones… you know?!

anyway, my brother came over for dinner and all i did was heat it up – thanks to whole foods market and their pre-made thanksgiving platter for one. i grabbed two of them and put it all in a baking dish :

all the fixins’ were there.  i made the yam myself, i have to have them included in my spread.

WFM also provided the delicious pumpkin pie, but i was too dazed at that point to mess with any foto equipment.  just know that every morsel was scrumptious!  every bite was divine. and since neither of us finished our plates, i have unexpected leftovers!

i’m so thankful for all the delicious food i get to experience every day.  i’m beyond thankful for that, actually.  i feel so connected to the food i eat, i just feel so blessed to have access to it.  i’m thankful for a kind heart, a sound mind, good judgement, a healthy body, a handful of loving friends and family, sweet cats, a caring roommate, and “enough” to get by…

and last night, for my first order of 33-year old business, i meditated under the stars and sent some more healing love to the planet… ’cause we need it!

let the holidays officially begin!

{thirsty thursday} — happy thanksbirthday, to me!

22 Nov

it’s thanksgiving.  but more importantly, it’s on my birthday this year.

i have so much to be thankful for.  this has been an unbelievably transforming year for me, and i have much to reflect on and celebrate! i plan to take it easy and do whatever i want… and you can guarantee i’ll be EATING today!

here’s the menu : Continue reading

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