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{meatless monday} — “amazeballs” – a new year’s resolution-kinda snack you can enjoy 7-days a week!

31 Dec


a new year is ahead of us. {hooray!} this means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  for me, it means manifesting only good things derived from light, happiness, peace, honesty, community, harmony, respect, and most of all – LOVE. because that’s just how it has to be… and it will be.

and for a lot of people, new year’s resolutions are a common theme – many of which include things like “living a healthier lifestyle” or “eating better” and the like.  so in the spirit of new beginnings and living a healthier, simpler, easier life – here is a recipe i came up with a couple weeks ago that will blow your taste-buds away.  they’ll want to be calling more buds and be like, “dude, you gotta try this!”

easy. healthy. simple. delicious.

that’s how i roll. just like these “amazeballs” – and they’re sweet and savory – like me 😉 Continue reading

{foto friday} — a choiceless choice.

21 Dec


happy new year! — xxoo



{thirsty thursday} how to eat AND drink a pomegranate

20 Dec


pomegranates are so pretty.  look at that colour!  i just love it.

i’m sure you’ve had pomegranate juice before, it was all the rage for a while. it’s still amazing, but i wondered if everyone knew how to actually cut and eat the whole pomegranate itself.  it can seem intimidating if you aren’t sure. so here are the steps i take when buying this seasonal deliciousness.

i figured i’d buy one since they are only 2 bucks on sale right now, and just use the seeds to throw in the vitamix with my smoothies.  pomegranate juice is usually kind of pricey, so i thought this was the most cost-effective way to get my antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin c out of this amazing fruit. Continue reading

{whatever wednesday} — these are a few of my favourite things…

19 Dec

i love doors.  i especially love to fotograph doors.  my love for them was discovered during my days living and working in manhattan, wandering aimlessly through the streets with my camera, snapping away… so many doors… so many stories behind them… so many opportunities around represented in each one… i love and miss that place, and always will.

The Village Continue reading

{try-me tuesday – the “christmas orange”}

18 Dec


not to be confused with a clementine or “cutie” that you find in conventional grocery stores, you can typically purchase these tasty delights in most grocery stores, in the produce section… but only in the winter season.

meet the satsuma tangerine… also {rather appropriately} referred to as a “stem and leaf” tangerine… Continue reading

{meatless monday} something fun for the holidays! — mini chocolate-dipped lady apples

17 Dec


every now and then, i’m creative with sweets.  i’m not much of a baker, so i don’t keep common baking components around the house – i seldom even have milk in the fridge.  half & half, maybe… anyway, i wanted to try to make some candy-dipped apples of some kind without having to make an extra trip to the store, so this is what i came up with. i bought the apples prior, with the idea of creating something fun with them for the blog, and i had all the other items lying around.

i just think these are so fun – take them to the office for the holiday party, or make them as a special after-school snack for the season… either way they’re super easy and cute and everyone will love them! Continue reading

{foto friday} — looks like somebody got into the tinsel…

14 Dec


happy holidays from my cat, calle.

insanely cute, isn’t she?! 🙂 you should hear her meow… it’s ridiculous.

{thirsty thursday} — snowfall, a christmas movie, and eggnog : the perfect december combo

13 Dec

hooray for snowfall this week here in colorado! we SO needed it!!!  we need a lot more, but the mountains got much more than we did in the city, and i’m grateful anyway.  my roommate and i went out to snap a few fotos near the lake by the house, but it was seriously freezing {about 18 degrees}, so i didn’t stay out long.  just long enough capture the mood and run back in 🙂


we didn’t get much – not even an inch. Continue reading

{whatever wordy wednesday} — a heart-shaped sweet potato and my alter-ego, “magenta ellis”

12 Dec


“you always buy the unique-looking produce… the ones no one else wants, the oddballs, the misfits!” — a coworker said to me.

it’s true.

i like anything out of the ordinary. because me?! – i’m out of the ordinary…… i mean we are all unique, just like everyone else, right?!

but i’m a very old soul… and i’ve seen a LOT in my some 10 thousand years… and in my current waking life, i often feel like some of the fruits and vegetables i buy – discarded, overlooked, passed-by, out-casted, and just plain weird.  but dude, i’m totally still edible – and you know – some things get better with age… 😉

well… i found this potato particularly interesting because it kind of represented me.  not only was it heart-shaped, as i obviously am, and which i find a lot of random things that find their way into my visual path are, but it is also kind of two different colours.  it almost looks as if a garnet yam and a jewel yam are intertwined.  it got me thinking about how i believe we all have a duality to us. i was having a conversation with a friend about all the changes going on in the world right now – the talk of 2012 doomsday, or the hope of a 2012 arising – in love and light, and consciousness, perhaps? and we were discussing how we all have a “dark side” — and some of us publicly show it with acts of violence or utter projection as to inflict sheer pain on the person receiving it, and some of us albeit perhaps not as violent, still keep it very much hidden, which can take a TON of conscious effort. Continue reading

{travel tuesday} – letchworth state park, new york

11 Dec

a dear friend of mine took me to this marvelous place a few years back and i fell in love.  of course – autumn in new york is always amazing, even when it’s late autumn.  the leaves had mostly fallen off at this point, but it created a blanket that covered the forest floor and there were traces of colour left on some of the trees.  very enchanting, this place.  i wasn’t sure if the blair witch was going to pop out and scare me or if fairies were going to come in and sweep me away to narnia…

the crispness in the air was memorable and the overcast lighting created a moody effect, so i snapped some artsy fotos with my iphone :

letchworth-1 Continue reading

{meatless monday} — caramelized onion and heirloom tomato risotto

10 Dec


i’m lovin’ me some risotto lately.  i just love the texture and the creaminess of it.  my favourite way to have it is with mushrooms.  but i had these items lying around and so i decided to try them together with the risotto.

caramelizedonionandtomatorisotto-web-1 Continue reading

{foto friday} — love.

7 Dec


let’s get out and share as much as we can, mmkay?! xxoo



© audrey michelle /

{thirsty thursday – buffalo chicken wraps and a favourite lager}

6 Dec


i’m excited to share this super easy, fun, and delicious recipe i discovered this a while back from the cute sisters over at deux chicago – they always have the cutest ideas! and no game day is complete without eating something with buffalo sauce on it!

these are so super simple and easy to prepare and they are always a hit!  i simply buy a preroasted chicken, eat a little of it for dinner, then pick the meat off and use it for my buffalo chicken wraps! Continue reading

{wordless wednesday} — some images from my 2004 graduate portfolio

5 Dec

all images copyright © audrey michelle /

Continue reading

{try-me tuesday} — a seckel pear

4 Dec

the truth is, i like to switch it up a little.  if you were looking forward to a “travel tuesday” post, fret not – for there will be plenty others to come. i just have a good backlog of food fotos at this point and i want to share some of these before their season is over 🙂

i love trying new foods and whenever i’m in the produce department and i spot something new, i grab it up.  the beautiful seckel pear was my latest first.


i love the colour!  they are smaller than a normal pear and tend to blossom into this burgundy colour as they ripen… Continue reading

{meatless monday} — creamy mashed “yamtatoes”

3 Dec


who says you can only have ONE kind of mashed potato at once?!  well, maybe nobody said that, but i’m breaking that rule anyway.  sometimes my mashed potatoes just aren’t sweet enough, i need something else in them. well wait a minute… this other potato over here is even named “sweet” – why can’t i mix the two together?!  well, you CAN audrey, you so can.

plus you know me, i love my dishes to have lots of colour! Continue reading

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