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{meatless monday} something fun for the holidays! — mini chocolate-dipped lady apples

17 Dec


every now and then, i’m creative with sweets.  i’m not much of a baker, so i don’t keep common baking components around the house – i seldom even have milk in the fridge.  half & half, maybe… anyway, i wanted to try to make some candy-dipped apples of some kind without having to make an extra trip to the store, so this is what i came up with. i bought the apples prior, with the idea of creating something fun with them for the blog, and i had all the other items lying around.

i just think these are so fun – take them to the office for the holiday party, or make them as a special after-school snack for the season… either way they’re super easy and cute and everyone will love them! Continue reading

one last holiday tradition

6 Jul

so, it was kind of weird having 4th of july on a wednesday, no?  granted, i’m on a glorious 3-week long {2.5 weeks left} staycation, so it didn’t much matter to me this year.  though, i will say this is probably the first holiday i’ve had off from work in probably a decade.  working retail hours doesn’t typically allow me to get time off during any fun holiday.

but i feel like it’s weird because it’s like, when did you celebrate? or are you celebrating this weekend?  are people still busting out festivities?!  i sure am – i plan on grilling some vidalia onions and corn on the cob tonight!

but since i’m taking some time off, i’ve been doing my best to really relax, submerse myself in some social activities, and just kick back- cuz it’s summah-time {summer summer summer time… summertime} 😉 Continue reading

apparently, i can bake

5 Jul

this is not exactly up my typical healthy recipe alley – but if you’re going to go for it, GO FOR IT!

it’s a special occasion, splurge a little!  that whole mentality goes along with my “intuitive eating” lifestyle.  granted, i seldom even buy white flour-based anything, let alone white sugar cookies – but i made these to share.  i had one at home to make sure they didn’t suck, and one at the party… and that was all i needed… for now 🙂

Continue reading

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