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{thirsty thursday} how to eat AND drink a pomegranate

20 Dec


pomegranates are so pretty.  look at that colour!  i just love it.

i’m sure you’ve had pomegranate juice before, it was all the rage for a while. it’s still amazing, but i wondered if everyone knew how to actually cut and eat the whole pomegranate itself.  it can seem intimidating if you aren’t sure. so here are the steps i take when buying this seasonal deliciousness.

i figured i’d buy one since they are only 2 bucks on sale right now, and just use the seeds to throw in the vitamix with my smoothies.  pomegranate juice is usually kind of pricey, so i thought this was the most cost-effective way to get my antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin c out of this amazing fruit. Continue reading

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