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{whatever wednesday} — the halloween dog parade

31 Oct

this is about as self-explanitory as it gets.  i was originally going to post images of the halloween parade i walked in one year in new york, but there are far too many to sift through and i’ve had a very busy week. so, the next best thing is this.  i hear they’ve cancelled the parade in manhattan this year, so i doubt they’ll be doing this either – let’s live vicariously through my fotos, shall we?!

in manhattan’s east village – typically every year – they host a “halloween dog parade” — and yep, it’s as adorable as it sounds.

here are some fotos to prove it :

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{travel tuesday} — i recall… central park and fall…

30 Oct

it’s really hard to imagine new york city under water right now.  the subway is shutdown, 1.5 million people without power – my former roommate included. I WAS JUST IN NEW YORK LAST WEEKEND!!!  i’m so glad i dodged the bullet that is frankenstorm.  my heart goes out to all of those who are struggling from the effects of this monstrous event.  of course, i’ll always think of new york when i think of the east coast.

last night, i was watching the david letterman show and as he was listing the “top ten rejected frankenstorm names” i began to wonder why no one was laughing… “too soon?!”, i thought… but then i realized that no one was in the audience, and he was recording anyway. jimmy fallon did the same thing.

here is a little article about it – classic.

so here’s what central park would probably look like in the next couple weeks, if the rain hasn’t totally bogged it down…

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{meatless monday} – another spaghetti squash meal

29 Oct

look at that colourful plate!

i heart vegetables.  i especially heart spaghetti squash, it’s seriously one of my favourites!  and it’s hard to get it all year round, but i try anyway.  right now is the best time to buy it – totally in season, and they are HUGE.  i like that there is usually a variety in size with spaghetti squash… i typically buy a smaller one just for myself and my roommate, although it is still very good as leftovers, so make extra if you want!

i also realized, when browsing through previous posts to make sure i wasn’t duplicating this one, that i eat a lot of tomatoes.  i mean, A LOT!  i cook them, which i’ve read is actually better than eating them raw because they are more bioavailable that way. in other words, your body uses the nutrients more effectively because they are cooked… i don’t fully understand it all, but this fact i found online was interesting :

Lycopene, the antioxidant found in tomatoes in large quantities, is located in cell walls. Cooking tomatoes releases lycopene to do its work. A combined analysis of 21 studies published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention showed that men who ate the highest amounts of raw tomatoes had an 11% reduction in risk for prostate cancer. Those eating the most cooked tomato products fared even better: their prostate cancer risk was reduced by 19%.

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{foto friday} — a perfect autumn wedding

26 Oct

i told you how i fotographed a wedding a couple weekends ago, right?!  well, i’m still processing the 1300 raw images i shot, but i wanted to share a few of my favourites for foto friday.  i am beyond blessed to have met this woman. she is a soul sister and i immediately knew when we met that we were going to be close friends.  it can be a little nerve-wracking to mix business with pleasure, but i have found i work better when fotographing events for people i know.  in this case it was beyond easy.  first of all, the bride is STUNNING!  she looked like an egyptian goddess this day.  and she just put me at ease.  the entire wedding was basically HAND MADE from the flowers to the cake to the beer.  hosted in coal creek canyon’s eldora lodge – complete with crackling fireplace, snowfall, hot tubs, an incredible host staff, and tons of love and laughter.  i have never been to such a wedding.  i will never forget this day, it was so special to me in a very unique way…

so, here are a few of my favourite images.

i did mention how it rained like, 4 times that day?! i’ll share the shots i was able to snag in good light! 🙂

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{thirsty thursday} a comfy classic paired w/ a perfect homebrew

25 Oct

i’ve been craving slash eating a lot of this lately :

classic grilled cheese and tomato soup… only, as per usual, i mix it up a little.

i use the most healthy bread i can find.  usually something a little more dense like a multigrain – or in this case, a flax-seed bread.  i opt for organic when i can… bread is expensive!  and, instead of traditional tomato soup, i buy this from pacific foods.  OH EM GEE, it is so delicious!!  the red pepper makes it just a tad more flavourful and sweet and when you dip your grilled cheese in it, HOLY SMOKES!!  just – just, do me a favour and go buy some.  and then tell me how you’ll never want to buy any other tomato soup again… Continue reading

{whatever wednesday} — an update.

24 Oct

hello you wonderful faithful readers, you!

I MISS YOU!  i missed blogging.  i was away for the weekend, and although i had created some drafts of blogs to post, my internet connection wasn’t as reliable as i would’ve preferred, so i didn’t even write a {meatless monday} this week and i feel like i have so much to share with you all!

well, not really.  i mean, kind of.  i just missed blogging.

i’m sick – i almost always manage to get some kind of head cold or sinus infection pretty much every time i travel. i’m used to it, i always got sinus infections when i was younger.  whatever, it’s not a big deal – the word “infection” kind of freaks people out, i think. but it’s really something i’m kind of used to when i fly… i can avoid it if i’m proactive, but these past couple of weeks were like a whirlwind!  anyway, it’s just that i don’t always do my neti-pot lately and i’m sure that would’ve helped prevent this icky feeling. but i will kick its ass, don’t worry. Continue reading


{travel tuesday} — ttfn, NYC

23 Oct

see you later, new york… you sexy little crazy wild and hardcore vixen, you.

until next time… xxoo


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