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{thirsty thursday} a comfy classic paired w/ a perfect homebrew

25 Oct

i’ve been craving slash eating a lot of this lately :

classic grilled cheese and tomato soup… only, as per usual, i mix it up a little.

i use the most healthy bread i can find.  usually something a little more dense like a multigrain – or in this case, a flax-seed bread.  i opt for organic when i can… bread is expensive!  and, instead of traditional tomato soup, i buy this from pacific foods.  OH EM GEE, it is so delicious!!  the red pepper makes it just a tad more flavourful and sweet and when you dip your grilled cheese in it, HOLY SMOKES!!  just – just, do me a favour and go buy some.  and then tell me how you’ll never want to buy any other tomato soup again… Continue reading

{thirsty thursday} — risotto balls and creamy avocado dip w/ a seasonal red hoptober ale

13 Sep

these were absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!!  perfect for the football game, easy to make {if you can stand making the risotto ahead of time earlier in the week}, and out-of-this-world delicious! a coworker suggested this recipe to me when i told her i was trying my hand at risotto… i was eager to try BOTH!

here is my recipe for the mushroom/leek risotto that is beginning this dish. start with that – and 2 eggs and some breadcrumbs… i had *just enough* to make these : Continue reading

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