{whatever wednesday} — an update.

24 Oct

hello you wonderful faithful readers, you!

I MISS YOU!  i missed blogging.  i was away for the weekend, and although i had created some drafts of blogs to post, my internet connection wasn’t as reliable as i would’ve preferred, so i didn’t even write a {meatless monday} this week and i feel like i have so much to share with you all!

well, not really.  i mean, kind of.  i just missed blogging.

i’m sick – i almost always manage to get some kind of head cold or sinus infection pretty much every time i travel. i’m used to it, i always got sinus infections when i was younger.  whatever, it’s not a big deal – the word “infection” kind of freaks people out, i think. but it’s really something i’m kind of used to when i fly… i can avoid it if i’m proactive, but these past couple of weeks were like a whirlwind!  anyway, it’s just that i don’t always do my neti-pot lately and i’m sure that would’ve helped prevent this icky feeling. but i will kick its ass, don’t worry.

anyway, i fotographed a wedding last weekend :

it literally started down-pouring in the middle of the ceremony!

i swear we had 5 days worth of weather in 3 hours that afternoon!  it rained like 4 times, and after this crazy surprise shower, the sun was back out after the reception and i was waiting for my rainbow!

no rainbow.

anyway… i just flew in from new york last night and i’m totally freaking wiped out.  i took it real easy, didn’t do anything too crazy – but i still had a great time and i have decided i think i need to try to find a way to afford going twice a year if i can… i swear it’s worth it just for the shopping!

have you met uni qlo?!  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!  luckily, they are finally available online.

you’re welcome.

stay tuned for foto friday to see some of the {very few} fotos i took while in the city. i just kind of took it all in this time, i didn’t pick up the camera all that much.  i went for a friend’s birthday mostly and to see a handful of others.  i rode the subway, i had some pizza, i took a few cab rides, i met someone new, i laughed, i cried, and i drank some beers!

all in all, it was pretty perfect.  oh, and for those of you readers from new york – if you haven’t checked out jekyll and hyde in the west village, do it – and good luck finding the bathroom!  so much fun.

anyway, i’ll have lots more to update soon and although i have over 1300 images to continue sifting through from the wedding last weekend, i still plan to blog about fun stuff i eat and all that goodness… so stay tuned.  this week will be a little lax, but fret not, i’ll be back in the saddle again so quick!


3 Responses to “{whatever wednesday} — an update.”

  1. anthony0358 October 24, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    get well soon!


  2. Green Door Hospitality October 25, 2012 at 5:41 am #

    We’ve missed you too! Feel better!! Also, wanted to let you know that I’ve changed the name of my blog. Beyond The Green Door is now Green Door Hospitality 🙂

    Take care and look forward to Friday’s post!



    • cooking with audrey October 25, 2012 at 8:50 am #

      awww, thanks sweet kenley! i’ll make a note of your new name… which i totally dig! thanks for reading and have a great day!!


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