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{meatless monday} – cheesy polenta w/ homemade tomato sauce

15 Oct

i made this dish weeks ago, and have had this blog in queue for a while now… i had quite a collection of blogs to  keep me updating regularly, but i haven’t been cooking much this week and so my recipe backups are all gone now yikes! — see, i had a rather busy week, and another one ahead.  i’m using up what’s in my kitchen to rid my fridge because i leave for a trip to NEW YORK CITY this week!


but today – today will be spent in front of my computer with WORDPRESS CLOSED so i can focus — i’ll be editing a wedding i had the privilege of fotographing this past weekend amidst the fall foliage and log-cabin backdrop.  it was gorgeous and i can’t wait to share some of the fotos!

in the meantime, here is a simple recipe for a simple side dish… Continue reading

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