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{whatever wednesday} — a gentle reminder…

17 Oct

a sweet message from my morning yogi tea – “let your heart guide you”  — and this is why i drink yogi tea… it tastes amazing, they use organic ingredients, AND – they leave you little reminders for your spirit.

i am especially grateful for my morning tea today… and for all the love the universe showers me with.  sometimes it’s hard to hear/feel your heart clearly speak to you amidst all the noise of every day life.  but if you quiet the mind, and {as my spiritual guru would say} crack that chest open and inhale – it’s amazing how much love will flow right through you.  i’m not saying it’s easy, i’m saying it takes lots of practice.  the heart is the 4th chakra, right smack in the middle.  it is the most neutral of our chakras.  it is neutral because it has no opinion, it just is.  the heart is the center, and it only knows love – and love has no opposite, it just IS.  it accepts, it forgives, it doesn’t hold on, and it is free. so be good to you heart, and listen to it more – tell the brain to take the backseat… your heart got this!

and i – i believe in the power of love.

and ya’ll should, too! because… we ARE love.


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