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{good morning, pink bubble gum clouds}

12 Oct


{i miss sunrises}

15 May

i mean, i don’t miss waking up for them, per se… but i miss their beauty, their diversity, their colours, their peace…

every morning for about 4 months i got up and fotographed the sunrise.  my schedule at work began to change so i stopped doing it… i’m sort of missing them right now because colorado has some of the coolest skies!


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{foto friday} — some colorado sunrises

2 Nov

the sky in colorado is seriously off the hook!  and during this time, for about the next 6 months, it intensifies!  it happens every year and there is some scientific reason as to why, but all i know is – every day for 4 months before i began this blog in april – i got up every morning and photographed the sunrise from my bedroom window.  the only reason i stopped was because the sun moved out of my view and frame, eventually… but somehow it’s back again, so i may try something new this time – especially since i work nights and i ain’t gettin’ up at no 6 a.m. to snap a photo, sorry. 😉

have a great weekend, ya’ll!

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{whatever wednesday} – it’s a new dawn…

10 Oct

it’s a new day… it’s a new life…

colorado has THE BEST sunrises this time of year!!!!!  stay tuned for more…

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