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{travel tuesday} — my most recent visit to new york

13 Nov

i visited new york last month for the first time since i moved…

it was surreal… that’s one word for it.  i didn’t really bust out the camera too much… just really “took fotos with my  mind” as i like to say… captured memories by breathing it all in.  sometimes a picture doesn’t really do it… that’s coming from a photographer!!  haha.

new york is a million and a half wonderful things.  but i realized this time that it has now become a place for me to visit.  there will always be a piece of my soul in new york city, but i can confidently close the chapter now and no longer wonder if i made the right decision to leave.  i loved every second of my experience living in manhattan, but i left when it was the right time and everything is as it should be {like always, right?!}.  i have to say, it’s a good feeling to know that in my heart, now.

so, here are a few shots i managed to grab while out wandering the city… i only took about 50 pictures all weekend!  so weird, so not normal.

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