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{foto friday} — stillness and reflection

30 Nov

i was trying to quickly figure out what to blog about this morning.  i have a fun day lined up but i also don’t have a ton of creative time left this morning. so – as i was scrolling through images, i found this one.  it totally describes how i feel lately, so i found it perfect for today’s post.  i have found myself being a little extra nit-picky lately.  kind of pointing out things i don’t like about certain other people and kind of complaining a lot lately.  no good. when i saw this image it was like a reminder :


i need to be still like the water and reflect – because whatever i DON’T LIKE in that person, is something i don’t like within myself.  it is a reflection, we ALL represent that mirror for each other, and when i noticed my repetitive thoughts about this situation or person i didn’t like, it was a HUGE red flag for me to slow down and reflect… and meditate and let go 😉

have a great weekend, everyone!  share a little love

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