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{travel tuesday} — a walk across the williamsburg bridge

4 Sep

about 2 weeks before i left new york city, a friend suggested we take a walk across the williamsburg bridge.  “how often will you get to walk across bridges once you leave?!” she said, convincing me to go. i didn’t need a whole ton of convincing; though at the time i remember feeling really ready to leave new york, and it was hard to drag me out of the house at times… funny how that works, because now i miss the heck out of it! good thing i’m going back for a visit…

there are many messages throughout new york city – stickers, graffiti, signs, posters, strangers yelling things at you, etc.

the williamsburg bridge is no exception.  in fact, i dare to say it boasts the most messages of any place i’ve visited in the big apple.  i mean, the entire bridge is like a graffiti art gallery.  every inch of it is covered with something to see or read.  my camera got quite the workout… Continue reading

{travel tuesday} – the famous brooklyn bridge

7 Aug

the BB was always a place i would take visitors.  for one, it’s just classic cool. for two, it’s great exercise to walk it.  and for three, it was close to my apartment.

these photos are from two different visits to the brooklyn bridge.  both times i walked the entire length of the bridge into brooklyn from downtown manhattan.  it’s a great walk, a cool chance to see so much of both boroughs from a unique perspective.  a lot of times, when i had a guest in town – i’d show them the brooklyn bridge, then i’d take them across the staten island ferry, for a chance to see even more of the city from another perspective. i’ve probably walked the brooklyn bridge at lease half a dozen times now…

so, without further ado, here are some photos for travel tuesday… another snippet from my life in new york : Continue reading

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