{season’s first snowfall on the tiny house}

14 Nov


… at least it came a month later than last year!

{a great reminder from the great ee cummings}

9 Nov

{my favourite poet!}

“to be nobody-but-yourself in a world that is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – is to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight… and never stop fighting!”


{petroglyphs – “rock art” in moab}

4 Nov


i don’t know if i can find words to express what i felt when i saw these petroglyphs on this huge rock in moab last month… it is beyond fascinating to me.


notice the 6 toes on the right??!!


i’m sure i learned about this stuff in science class, but i was just blown away to see it in person!



so fascinating……….


what were they trying to say?!?!………….


what do you all think about this kind of thing?!  does it blow your mind like it does me?!


in honor of smoothie week…

3 Nov

it’s “smoothie week” over at wonderful williams-sonoma and in honour of it, i’m writing a little something.  

you just never know how one little decision you make or action you take may have a ripple effect on your life for years to come…

CASE AND POINT : my homemade vitamix breakfast cookies and my very first vitamix green smoothie.





i wrote a blog about these wonderful treats back in 2012.  i had only been blogging for like, 6 months.  i was working for whole foods market and i purchased my vitamix during the time i was working there. i decided to go with the vitamix over other blenders for a few reasons – the biggest seller for me was the fact that it cleans itself!  the store i worked at hosted vitamix demos twice a year and after TONS of rave reviews and samples, i decided i needed to have this amazing machine in my kitchen!  i was so super stoked to get it home and use it… but i had to wait almost 2 months for it to arrive – oh, the anticipation! {this timeframe isn’t typical, by the way – i was in a unique situation.} i utilized that time wisely, though… i took several classes and read up on the machine.  i watched youtube videos and stalked the vitamix facebook page {when i was still “social media active.”}

after the vitamix package arrived at my house, i had a little foto session during the unveiling. {i’m such a nerd!} i immediately began by making the simplest smoothies ever – just throwing in whatever random fruit i had laying around the house and mixing it in with some liquid, usually orange juice. i was getting into the blogging thing and enjoying writing about something i was passionate about – plus i was taking pictures while doing it, which was fun for me!

then i posted this blog about my vitamix breakfast cookies and green smoothie to compliment. i thought nothing of it really… it was just a good blog with good pics and i got a few likes, etc. i posted the drink on my pinterest page {again, when i was still “active”} and went about my life. over the course of a few months, i noticed that the green smoothie was getting a lot of repins!  and to this day, even though i don’t maintain my pinterest page very well, it’s one of my most popular pins and it still gets cycled around and re-pinned rather frequently!  i just find that so interesting… it’s not even one of my favourite smoothies, to be honest.  i mean, it’s a go-to, for sure… it’s easy and light and i usually have the items in the house. but i’ve made way more killer smoothies and have had a lot of fun experimenting! it’s just funny in a way that of all the things i’ve written about and posted, this smoothie is the one that got the most attention.

in fact, THE vitamix facebook page “liked” my post and started following the blog at the time!  and when people reach out to me about my blog or guest-posting, they often say they found me doing a web search and this is one of the fotos that most commonly pops up. this is another popular one.

i haven’t been writing as many smoothie posts as of late. there is no particular reason for that other than maybe simple scheduling stuff.  when i first started blogging, i was working a late shift, so i had my mornings free and had plenty of time to set up and snap pics of the smoothie i was making for the day… i’m now back on a regular schedule and have created a nice morning routine, so i hope to get back into smoothie-making again!  one of the most interesting smoothies i’ve ever made was this purple one, which included purple/red cabbage!  not exactly an ingredient you would think to include in a smoothie… but it worked!


one of the mottos i live by is “eat the rainbow” – as in plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables.  i was on a mission to create a huge gambit of colourful smoothies to post on the blog and the colour purple was one i got hung up on for some reason… then a reader suggested i try using purple cabbage to add the colour but not overpower the flavour.  the first one i made was a little strong, but this one turned out incredible! Continue reading

{october round-up}

1 Nov

hello, november!

this is definitely my favourite time of year… even though it always shocks my system a little to do this whole daylight-savings-time thing… seriously, my sleep is jacked up for like 2 weeks after that happens.

c’est le vie, eh?! 

at least it won’t be pitch black at 7 a.m. anymore…

anyway, here are a few of my favourite shake-it snaps from recent days. i hope you all had a fun, safe, and happy halloween!


sopris never gets old…


this is the time of year when they move the cattle down to graze in different pastures…


this kind of colour is pretty much totally gone, now…


but i made sure to soak it all in…


i just love it…


mmm, apple pie………….. soooo good!


i did a little dog-sitting last month… and our shadows were GIANTS! teeeheheeee….


i also did a little chicken-sitting… and had the freshest eggs i’ve ever eaten!  like, 40 minutes old – fresh!




sopris… again.


i’ve been making and eating a ton of sauerkraut


and making and taking a bunch of pointless selfies…


i dunno, this just looked cool…


so did this…




this time you couldn’t even see sopris…


fiery sunsets!


a rainbow over my tiny house!


i’m so in love with lense-flare.


oh yeah, one day i found these guys in a head of broccoli… they both took a poo on my hand – hysterical!


mmmmmmm, nothing like cozying up by a wood-fire!


an archery target!  which i SOOOO want to use some day soon!


weird stuff you find on hikes…


… like the pumpkin graveyard… ;)

have a great weekend! 


{pickled gerkhins}

30 Oct

when i say, “gerkhins” – what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

for me, it’s the movie dirty dancing.  weird, right?!  there’s the scene where neil is asking baby if she is hungry, and he’s looking in the fridge… “leftover cabbage roll, fruit salad…?  sweet gherkins?!”  :P


anyway… i don’t really like sweet pickles. but i do love dill pickles. and when i found these *adorable* baby gherkins, i literally squealed in excitement! apparently, they are also known as “cucamelons.” {teehehee}

they are slightly sour, and very juicy!  which, i admit, was a little surprising.  i also read that they are very easy to grow… which makes me totally want to try to include some in the garden next year!


they look like little watermelons!!  eep!  so cute. Continue reading

{refusing to let go of autumn…}

29 Oct

i went for a hike a couple weeks ago in snowmass, where i used to work last winter.. and i was shocked at how much colour was left on the trees all around!  the aspens were still an amazing mix of colour and no colour… i just love them so much! the peaks were dusted with snow, and it was a sight to behold!


when i very first came to snowmass last year, it was october 22nd.  it was the day of my interview and i remember seeing very little colour left on the aspens in the area. i though to myself, ‘what a sight this must be in autumn!’ and i was soooo hopeful i would get out to see it this year!  i’m way grateful there was still some amazing colour on the trees and hills in this beautiful mountain town!


we went on a nice little hike…



some incredible views!! check out that rainbow of colour! Continue reading


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