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{saturdays in the garden – volumes four & five}

13 May

i have been slightly slacking with updates on the garden. i have so many fotos to share, that i’m lumping {2} volumes together 🙂

a couple weeks ago, we had some eagle scouts come help in the garden. it was fun to see the boys get so excited about digging and planting.


as we prepped some of the community beds, we found some sweet potatoes! the boys were super excited about this part of the day! they collected probably 3 dozen or so, and i overheard one of them saying, “we are going to donate these!” – so charming. 🙂

i personally got so excited about this little frog i found under one of the tarps… i moved him away from the garden and let him go on his way…

planting beans!

planted okra in these plots…

radishes are so rewarding because they grow so fast!

we also planted some green onions and swiss chard…

i love it when someone brings coffee!

our garden leader shared some honey from last years harvest!! nom nom Continue reading


{“painting with light”, while celebrating the autumn equinox}

24 Sep

nothin’ like a little fire-dancin’ to appreciate summer and welcome autumn… light-painting is COOL!!! 😀

{most of these images were taken with a 10-second exposure… fun stuff!}




hearts and crescents.


infinity. Continue reading

{foto friday – i miss this hair, this moment, and this part of lower manhattan}

28 Jun

missing new york and hair long-enough to pull in a ponytail…


i’ll get there soon… it’s growing sort of fast{ish}… okay not really at all.  and i hate to blame it on colorado but i do… my hair always behaves funny here and it’s nothing like my east-coast hair…

whatever… sigh.

and on that note, have a great weekend!  mercury is retrograde, in case you didn’t know… there is lots of information out there for those of you interested in reading more… just do a search.  and be patient as you may encounter delays as per the very essence of MR.  even as i typed this blog, my keyboard kept freezing up.  and my music was skipping… haha.

one day i’ll talk about how i was born under MR.  it’s rare, as am i… and usually i can articulate myself a little more effectively when mercury is slowing down for those few weeks every 4 months…

aaannnyway, enjoy the weekend!! 🙂

{whatever wednesday} — self.

23 Jan

it’s high time i shoot some more self-portraits.  the last time i did that was in 2010. and it’s very liberating and healthy for me to occasionally get in FRONT of the camera. it’s kind of an unspoken general rule – photographers don’t like being photographed. i don’t mind it sometimes, so long as i’m the one taking the pictures! 😉

i remembered this collection when i was organizing my files recently. sometimes i feel like about 86 personalities inside this tiny little physical form of a body.  i feel very introspective at the moment – so i thought i’d share these fotos which emulate just that.

New York City Continue reading

whew, that was a long 26,000-year nap! time to get real…

24 Dec

merry christmas everyone, and happy solstice!  how did you all celebrate and bring in the new age?  i was surrounded by divine love and light and magic. the finger of god* was literally pointing right at me. was this one as intense, lovely, and spiritual for you all as it was for me?!  i mean, truly.  an ending and a beginning – a transformative experience that has changed me forever. i will never again be the same.  and thank the heavens for that! 🙂

i am sure some of you may be looking forward to a “meatless monday” post this chilly december morning.  however, i have decided to take the rest of the year off from blogging, so i can reflect on the last year of my life.  i may be doing a lot of writing, but i needed to pause from the blog in order to not feel like i’m neither neglecting it nor burning myself out.

quite a journey this extremely old soul has been on.  i have been feeling all kinds of shifts and changes within my body, mind, and spirit.  it’s only been amplified over the last week or so.  perhaps one day i will write about what exactly it is i experienced on the fateful day of december 21, 2012*.  but for now, it is resonating in my soul and it feels as if i’m vibrating, like a tuning fork. and it’s not just in my head – people are noticing.  i’m effecting things… and people.

just yesterday alone, i had three strangers comment on my “energy” :

– “you have this look on your face… as if you just let out this HUGE exhale…”

– “well, you just got it going on, don’t ya?  you’re a beautiful soul…”

– “you look great, you have a different colour to you – you are glowing… you look – CLEAN!”


“thanks for noticing” is how i would respond 🙂 Continue reading

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