{saturdays in the garden – volumes four & five}

13 May

i have been slightly slacking with updates on the garden. i have so many fotos to share, that i’m lumping {2} volumes together 🙂

a couple weeks ago, we had some eagle scouts come help in the garden. it was fun to see the boys get so excited about digging and planting.


as we prepped some of the community beds, we found some sweet potatoes! the boys were super excited about this part of the day! they collected probably 3 dozen or so, and i overheard one of them saying, “we are going to donate these!” – so charming. 🙂

i personally got so excited about this little frog i found under one of the tarps… i moved him away from the garden and let him go on his way…

planting beans!

planted okra in these plots…

radishes are so rewarding because they grow so fast!

we also planted some green onions and swiss chard…

i love it when someone brings coffee!

our garden leader shared some honey from last years harvest!! nom nom

sharing is caring! : tomato plants from our garden leader.

some volunteers painted the inside doors of the toolshed with chalkboard paint! 🙂

raspberries are growing nicely!

and here are some pics of what’s coming up in my plot…

romanesco and cabbage!

basil and peas!

celery {regrowth} and cucumbers!

gettin’ dirty!

happy audrey 🙂

are you a gardener? i would love to hear about what’s coming up in your garden!


One Response to “{saturdays in the garden – volumes four & five}”

  1. anthony0358 May 13, 2017 at 10:58 am #

    those are breath-taking photos of a beautiful garden!


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