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{cool as a cucumber}

30 Aug

cool as a cucumber



{zucchini “mini-me”}

24 Aug


when a friend of mine pointed out this super-cool-looking zucchini squash to me… i exclaimed, “i wanna take a picture of that!” 😉


i always buy the “weird-looking” produce… mainly for this here bloggy blog, but also because – weird is cool.

{artisan salts : black lava}

22 Aug

perhaps you may know by now, that i have a major affinity for salt.  himalayan pink salt being my top pick… in fact, i love salt so much that sometimes people buy it for me or bring it back from france as a gift… {how lucky am i!?}


this beautiful salt is called “black lava” and i recently discovered the most interesting thing about it. apparently, it is simply salt from the hawaiian shore that has been “infused” with activated charcoal… typically from coconuts. WHAT!  did you know that??!!  crazy!  therefore, this awesome salt is also very detoxifying and has been used in spas across the country.  furthermore, i discovered that it is considered a “finishing salt”… which i must’ve known instinctively {thanks to my intuitive-eating lifestyle}, because i totally just put some on this delicious tomato the other day and devoured it…


it has a slight smokey flavour and i just love the colour!

definitely nab some up if you find it in your specialty department or store. it’s worth the extra expense, and the trace mineral content is also very high in this salt, which just adds to its awesomeness.

{the reason…}

17 Aug












{thirsty thursday : it’s a southwest theme with colourful, delicious, and simple buffalo lettuce-wrap tacos}

14 Aug


i literally ate these for like an entire week for lunch/dinner. this easy-to-make meal totally fits all of the food and foto requirements : healthy, simple, colourful, and delicious!

i chose buffalo meat for these taco boats for a few reasons. i’ve been eating more buffalo meat over beef in general, lately.  for one, i am grateful that i can find it in the frozen section where i shop.  also, i watched a short documentary on two different buffalo meat companies and it was just so interesting to listen to their commentary.  these people really really respect the buffalo and what the animal does for our land, soil, and as a food.  the animals graze on huge pastures/grasslands and are even “harvested” on their own land, as to show respect and pride.  no confinement lots here!

as you may know, i’m a huge advocate for choosing local, organic, naturally and humanely raised and treated animal products for consuming. if you aren’t yet convinced, i recommend watching the movie “food inc.” or any other documentary in its category. do your own research and decide for yourself. if you live in an area with access to grass-fed beef or buffalo, i highly suggest you make the switch. do a little research on the benefits of eating grass-fed and pasture-based animal products.  i suspect a lot more information will arise as time goes on.  i don’t pretend to be an expert on these subjects, i just speak from personal experience when it comes to food.  it’s something i will always be passionate about.  as a woman, as a foodie, as a photographer, and as someone with over a decade of experience in the organic food industry.

and now that i’m done with that rant – here’s the recipe! 😉


– 1 pound grass-fed ground beef or buffalo

– taco seasoning of choice

– tomatoes

– avocado

– red onion

– black olives

– shredded cheese

– romaine lettuce

– corn chips


a sad day came, recently… the day i decided to give up my favourite corn chips.  i hardly ever eat corn-based food, but sometimes you just need a good corn chip!  i loved this brand because of two simple facts : 1. they have had the same packaging and marketing for over 10 years.  2. they’re a family-owned company with simple ingredients and they don’t want publicity.  however, when trying to do some research online, i couldn’t find anything regarding the use of GMOs in their products. since corn is one of the top 5 GMO crops out there, i tend to be pretty picky about what i eat with corn in it.  that also applies to canola, wheat, soy, and sugar beets.  most of which i tend to just avoid entirely.

anyway, i decided to stop buying and supporting these chips {after i ate them with this yummy meal!} until they switch to non-gmo corn or at least have some transparency on either their packaging or their website… it was hard, but there are some things i just stand firm on.

{end of second rant}


begin by browning your meat in a large skillet under medium to high heat and add in your seasoning about 2-3 minutes prior to finishing. while your meat is cooking, you can chop up your veggies… i decided to use the lettuce leaves as my “shell” and make little boats out of them…


all the fixins’… Continue reading

{beautiful and colourful cherry tomatoes}

13 Aug


i can’t seem to get enough of these gorgeous locally-grown organic and adorable cherry tomatoes, lately…

i fotograph and write about these amazing little gems all the time… i just think they are so beautiful!  and they are so incredibly delicious! so flavourful and juicy! i just pop ’em in my mouth like candy… nature’s candy!

nom nom…


and i put them in everything – my salads, my risotto, my frittatas, my sauces, my {awesome} zucchini strips


these little red ones look kinda like strawberries… teehehe



{super moon, tiny house}

9 Aug

{super moon, tiny house}

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