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{foto friday : “snake melon”}

17 Oct


have you ever seen such a thing?  i sure hadn’t… but thanks to my awesome new job, i have been exploring all kinds of new produce.  this is called a “snake melon” but also formally known as an “armenian cucumber.”  the one i bought looks kind of like a question mark… yeah?

these interesting melons can grow up to 3-feet long!  and did you know that all cucumbers are melons?!  i sure didn’t.  something else new i learned, recently.  makes sense, though – right?!



this cucumber was more like a melon, for sure.  had a similar texture to an english cucumber, but with a little less “crispness” and a much sweeter flavour.  not too sweet, but noticeably different than a regular cucumber.  i totally chowed down on some!  i hope you all get the chance to, as well!  😉

{cool as a cucumber}

30 Aug

cool as a cucumber



{homemade edition} PICKLES!

4 Jul

happy 4th of july!!

i’ve decided to start making a lot more stuff on my own.  it’s only fitting.

and i love love love me some pickles! so when i saw kirby cucumbers {AKA pickling cucumbers} at whole foods last week, i had to snag some up.  i have always wanted to try to make my own pickles, and so this was perfect timing. Continue reading

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