{meatless mondays : heirloom cherry tomato risotto}

2 Sep


you know how i feel about risotto right?!  that it’s like the greatest thing ever and i love to make it and eat it all the time?!


like here

this was great, too.


for this recipe, i featured these beautiful cherry tomatoes…


i love the different colours and shapes… like humans! 😉


hehehe 😉


so here are our ingredients :

– 1 cup risotto {makes 2 cups cooked}

– cherry tomatoes

– shitake mushrooms

also need EVOO and cooking wine.


chopped maters…


chopped ‘shrooms…

this is my method for risotto :

1.  do NOT rinse

2.  have a pot of broth of choice {about 3-4 cups} keeping warm on another burner

3.  “toast” the risotto in a little EVOO for one minute on medium heat

4.  add 1/2 cup dry cooking wine and allow liquid to be absorbed – this really makes the dish the best!

5.  begin spooning in about 1/2 cup broth at a time, allowing risotto to absorb liquid before adding more

6.  repeat step 5 about 5-6 times, using about 3-4 cups liquid {including wine} in total per 1 cup risotto

7.  add in a little S&P about 3-5 minutes before finishing

you’ll know when it’s done, as it has an almost creamy texture due to the high starchy content.  you don’t want to overcook, though.  about 20 minutes is the time it takes me.  just remember to start with a little liquid and add as you go…


this is a dish that requires patience. 😉


and i love being in the kitchen, so i enjoy making risotto… a lot!


i just save my leftovers and make risotto balls or take some to work for lunches.

3 Responses to “{meatless mondays : heirloom cherry tomato risotto}”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals September 2, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    Those tomatoes are seriously beautiful! All the colors just pop! You know they’re good for ya!



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    […] i put them in everything – my salads, my risotto, my frittatas, my sauces, my {awesome} zucchini […]


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