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{exploring new produce : temple oranges}

24 Jul


when out at the market, i always browse the organic produce for anything new and exciting to blog about and eat. this brightly coloured citrus caught my eye and so i nabbed them up to try…


i’m a poet and didn’t know it! 😉 Continue reading


22 Jul


AKA superhero.


{it’s another “my week in fotos” update}

19 Jul

hey gang, how’s your week been?!

people kind of freak out when they find out i’m not on instagram. part of me feels like i should be, since i’m a fotographer and all… but honestly, just keeping up with my blog is time-consuming enough. i left facebook over a year ago, and i don’t plan to go back or add in any new social media to my life. i started this blog so i could keep all the happenings of my life in one place online.  thank you to each one of you who follow, read my posts, comment, engage, and make it all worthwhile! 🙂

here are a few pics from my week… i hope yours was great and your weekend is even better!



i had a “moment” with my favourite coffee barista this week – i walked in to get my half-caff americano on ice and he greets me with a smile and says, “the usual?!”  i giggled and said, “awww, i have a usual – and you remembered it!”  hehehehee


i’ve been eating these yummy buffalo taco boats – and i can’t wait to share the recipe!


double rainbow over mount sopris…


i’m so jealous of my cat… who sleeps {sometimes in awkward positions} 80% of the day…


these have been breakfast all week…


love this snowmass sticker i saw on the bus – 81615.


i’m constantly reminded of my former coworker and friend, yarrow… it grows pretty wild here!


selfie in the sun… it’s finally feeling like summer!!!


this is what i see on a typical monday night…


i met this adorable tabby at the bus stop one evening… i named him “gary” – he was so sweet!



{“i can make that!” – coconut flax granola}

17 Jul

i get on these kicks where i think i have all the free time in the world to constantly be making my own food… particularly, easy snacks.  i’m such a label-reader, that i’ll look at the ingredients and be like, “i can make that!” 😛

this time, it was granola.


i had a gigantic container of organic rolled oats sitting around, waiting to be turned into breakfast vitamix cookies, but i kept forgetting to buy jelly!  so as i was grocery shopping the other day, it came to me.  “dude, audrey – you should totally make your own granola!” what inspired this was my other new favourite obsession right now – yoghurt.  i know it’s nothing new to a lot of you, but i never much cared for yoghurt and suddenly – just like sauerkraut, and eggs – i can’t seem to get enough yoghurt. so – i was completely stoked when i saw my favourite brand, noosa had introduced a coconut flavour!!! holy smokes dude.  AHH–MAZING! and i love noosa because they use milk from pasture-based cows.  LOVE THAT!

anyway, to bring it all full circle, i was like, “self, you should just buy some coconut flakes {super cheap} and use some pantry items to create your own granola to compliment this amazing yoghurt discovery!” {sometimes i do talk to myself like that} and so i did it – i bought some organic coconut flakes for about $2.00 and had the rest of the ingredients at home.  as per usual, i didn’t exactly measure – so i don’t have an actual recipe for you, but if i can wing it, you can wing it! 😉


– rolled oats

– maple syrup

– vanilla extract

– coconut oil

– flax seeds 

– coconut flakes Continue reading

{tiny tuesday : TH2 update – days 11 & 12}

15 Jul

so, the tiny house movement is picking up some steam… and attention!  i just discovered {thanks, marylala!} that the FYI channel {which i also just found out existed} recently introduced a new television show called “tiny house nation.” i hope i can find a way to stream it, since i don’t have TV.

we are going to try to convince them to come to the western slope 😉

here is an update on the tiny house project happening next door to me… see the complete foto-story here.



TH2 – tiny house project by legacy homes


making progress…


holy smokes – check out this awesome dual shower with all kinds of fancy looking features!


i can see my {tiny} house from here!



{the dichotomy of audrey michelle}

14 Jul

first of all, i just want to send a quick shout-out to all the newcomers… i’m always humbled whenever a new follower joins the fun!  welcome to food and foto and thank you for your support! ❤

audrey michelle photography

i just love this shot from the archives, taken by my friend michele when i first moved back to colorado in 2011… it’s been 3 years, almost to date.  i do love parts of this great state – especially the mountains, the peaceful sound of the nothingness in the air, and the sunsets.  however, there is such a dichotomy to my personality.  i miss the city – the hustle and bustle, the lights, the diversity, the people.

i miss new york more than i ever thought i would. it’s kind of funny how i always say i went there to pick up a piece of me…. and yet – i feel like when i moved, i left a piece of me there…

{colorado professional headshot photography : writer, john lilley}

13 Jul

hey gang!

i just wanted to share a few headshots from a recent session with my new client, john.  we met somewhat serendipitously when i was working for aspen ski resort last winter. john was going for a laid-back “brooklyn vibe” in his headshot session with me, and i think he embodied that quite well!

john is a talented freelance consultant, writer, and blogger.  check him out here.  we wandered the little town of carbondale, chasing light and looking for the perfect “new york city” type background.  i’m grateful john was up for the adventure – sometimes it can be hilarious to tag along with me on a shoot…

here are a few of my favourite shots :


johnlilleyheadshots-web-107 Continue reading

{“i wanna take a picture of that!”}

12 Jul


grazing cattle at sunset…


my beautiful edible-flower mixed-green salad…


this sweet red tabby kitty i met on my walk home…


this yummy wild rice dish i whipped up – with onions, tomatoes, and fresh english peas….


a penny i found between my feet…


this amazing bag of chocolate peanut butter cups that a coworker so kindly bought for me…


this beautiful… whatever it is…




have a great weekend, gang!! ❤

{awesome artichokes}

9 Jul

i just find artichokes to be fascinating and beautiful…






{how to save the world – step one}

6 Jul


{a holiday throwback}

3 Jul

a little recipe from the archives – and a totally delicious way to celebrate the holiday!

enjoy the weekend, friends! 😎


happy independence day!

july 4th-themed red-white-and-blue sugar cookies 


independence day sugar cookies

{mercury goes direct today}

1 Jul

… just in case you were wondering.



{tiny tuesday : TH2 Update – days 9 and 10}

1 Jul

TH2 – wrapped!


the interior begins…


the owner of TH2, matt, seems to have great taste in appliances!!!!


it’s coming together!!


click here to see day one and two

click here to see day three and four

click here to see day five and six

click here to see day seven and eight




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