{exploring new produce : temple oranges}

24 Jul


when out at the market, i always browse the organic produce for anything new and exciting to blog about and eat. this brightly coloured citrus caught my eye and so i nabbed them up to try…


i’m a poet and didn’t know it! 😉


these temple oranges came from uncle matt’s organic farm… you may be familiar with their orange juice options.  i love uncle matt’s and their transparent philosophy.  for me, it is so great to be able to read a short bio about the farmer who grew these amazing fruits!


the flavour of this temple orange was outstanding, and they would make an INCREDIBLE juice!  i just wanted to eat mine, in true audrey-minimalist form. i figured them to not be seedless, but i admit they were a little hard to peel.

nevertheless, i hope to find them again so i can make come juice out of them next time!!


One Response to “{exploring new produce : temple oranges}”

  1. Anthony Mark July 24, 2014 at 10:19 am #

    wait a second here, my mom loves Oranges, so I have to try to make this happen for he


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