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{snowtography – volume 2}

18 Jan


figure-8s appear as the snow melts…


and snow dust sprinkles down from the trees…

this foto was taken by mistake. and even though it’s nothing special, i kind of love it.

{it’s another “my week in fotos” update}

19 Jul

hey gang, how’s your week been?!

people kind of freak out when they find out i’m not on instagram. part of me feels like i should be, since i’m a fotographer and all… but honestly, just keeping up with my blog is time-consuming enough. i left facebook over a year ago, and i don’t plan to go back or add in any new social media to my life. i started this blog so i could keep all the happenings of my life in one place online.  thank you to each one of you who follow, read my posts, comment, engage, and make it all worthwhile! 🙂

here are a few pics from my week… i hope yours was great and your weekend is even better!



i had a “moment” with my favourite coffee barista this week – i walked in to get my half-caff americano on ice and he greets me with a smile and says, “the usual?!”  i giggled and said, “awww, i have a usual – and you remembered it!”  hehehehee


i’ve been eating these yummy buffalo taco boats – and i can’t wait to share the recipe!


double rainbow over mount sopris…


i’m so jealous of my cat… who sleeps {sometimes in awkward positions} 80% of the day…


these have been breakfast all week…


love this snowmass sticker i saw on the bus – 81615.


i’m constantly reminded of my former coworker and friend, yarrow… it grows pretty wild here!


selfie in the sun… it’s finally feeling like summer!!!


this is what i see on a typical monday night…


i met this adorable tabby at the bus stop one evening… i named him “gary” – he was so sweet!



{“i wanna take a picture of that!”}

12 Jul


grazing cattle at sunset…


my beautiful edible-flower mixed-green salad…


this sweet red tabby kitty i met on my walk home…


this yummy wild rice dish i whipped up – with onions, tomatoes, and fresh english peas….


a penny i found between my feet…


this amazing bag of chocolate peanut butter cups that a coworker so kindly bought for me…


this beautiful… whatever it is…




have a great weekend, gang!! ❤

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