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audrey michelle’s colourful DIY cleanse – DAY #3

18 Jul

today was different.

i definitely felt the cleanse, or my body detoxing slightly, or the odd sleeping, or something.  something was different.  i don’t feel bad per se, i just feel different.  my head is much more clear, as in not cluttered with stupid thoughts or particularly, anxious ones.  which is good!  mostly i feel a little sluggish, surprisingly, and my head {although clear} feels kind of weird. maybe it’s because it’s clearer, don’t know – but i feel different.

i have been dreaming of food, however.  hAhA! i think last night i dreamt of pizza – no joke. i was browsing the food section on WP late at night, i’m sure that didn’t help – hA.  a reader asked me if was craving anything in particular, and i will say that today i did notice i was missing carbs, starch, etc.  so i made potatoes with dinner, which seemed to scratch that itch – for now.

here’s how the menu went today : Continue reading

{the foto} missing coney island

18 Jul

i mean, seriously – nothing says summer in new york like a trip to coney island in brooklyn.  a dear friend and follower of the blog, anthony, took me to the coney island circus one time.  it was one of my only trips to coney island, since it was quite a hike from where i lived in manhattan. there’s such an old charm about that place.  the games, the “carnival” feel, the boardwalk, the old rides, etc.  so much history.  anthony is a superb tour-guide, he told me and showed me so many great little secrets hiding in that great city.

a few of my favourite captures from that day : Continue reading

backyard oregano

18 Jul

i seriously need to learn to cook with this — it’s growing like a weed in my backyard and practically taking over :

it’s grown so much, the stems are toppled over, and it’s beginning to flower…

i had to cut it back a little… and i was talking to it like, “how should we prepare you? would you like to go in a sauce? what do you compliment best?”  hAhA!

any suggestions to you herb growers/users out there?!

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